19one: Do more with your customer data

Even the best marketing campaign will result in dire engagements if targeted at the wrong audience.

Our latest release will help you make the most of your data and deliver relevant and engaging journeys. From all-new segment templates to predictive product recommendations, 19one won’t fail to deliver.

Product recommendations

Generate more revenue through personalized experiences

Product recommendations icon

Supercharge your ecommerce performance with product recommendations.

What’s new?

Fall-back recommendations. Set up a fail-safe product recommendation that you can always rely on.

Custom recommendations. Start simple and surface products based on type, price, and more.

Predictive recommendations. Choose from best next or lookalikes predictive recommendations and recommend products they are likely to purchase next.

On-site recommendations. Introduce fail-safe bestsellers to any page, or add complementary products to an underperforming one.

Shopify Flow

Smarter workflows to engage your customers

Shopify flow icon

Engagement Cloud for Shopify Flow helps you create intelligent, automated workflows that align your marketing efforts to what’s happening in your store.  

What’s new?

With Engagement Cloud for Shopify Flow you can now

  • Add a customer to a marketing program
  • Update a contact record
  • Send transactional email

From enrolling customers onto a win-back program after they request a large refund, to sending a contact to customer care program after they leave a 1-star review on Stamped.io – dotdigital’s Engagement Cloud offers the most complete marketing automation connector available in Shopify Flow.

Multichannel abandoned cart

Cart recovery goes mobile for Magento 2

Abandoned cart marketing

No need to take your losses. Now you can recover the 86% of carts abandoned on mobile.

What’s new?

Multichannel. Mobile is the biggest offender for abandoned carts – it’s also the biggest contender for recovering them again. Enrol customers from Magento onto a multichannel cart recovery program after they abandon their shop.

Personalized messages. Create a sense of urgency and include the name of the most valuable product they left behind.

Plus, there’s no need to worry if your contact hasn’t completed double opt-in when we send them your abandoned cart program. We’ll simply check their status later and send it then.

Meet: MailshotMaker

Engage customers offline with your business online

Royal Mail MailshotMaker

Gone are the days of direct mail being batch and blast. Royal Mail and dotdigital launch the MailshotMaker for Engagement Cloud integration. Now, you can engage with customers offline and send mailshots that will get noticed.

What’s new?

With the integration, you can trigger a mailshot at any point during a marketing program.

You can:

  • Send a mailshot to subscribers that aren’t engaged online
  • Trigger a mailshot with a promo code to new subscribers, encouraging a first purchase
  • Send a glossy event invite to contacts that have signed up previously

Segment templates

Reach your customers in one click

Segmentation templates

Segment builder makes it easy to create a custom audience based on contact details, preferences, order history, web behavior, and more.

What’s new?

Our quick-win segment templates will help you get your foot off the ground. You’ll be a segmentation pro in no time!

Why not try:

  • Email subscribers who haven’t engaged in the last six months
  • People who have abandoned their carts within the last 7 days
  • All SMS contacts

Segment by SMS replies

Identify your mobile audience

Segmentation for SMS marketing

SMS is the direct channel for need-to-know information, including order confirmations and delivery updates. No wonder the open rate (98%) is unbeatable. Personal use of SMS may be waning, but that’s not the case for businesses and consumers. From 2015 to 2017, SMS marketing has increased 92% for B2Cs and 197% for B2Bs.

What’s new?

Engagement Cloud now lets you segment based on the content that your contacts have replied with. This means you can more easily gauge intent, set up smart autoresponders, and enable re-targeting across other channels.

Targeted landing pages

Make the path to purchase smooth-sailing

Using targeted landing pages for marketing

Landing pages are a great conversion tactic. But what happens when a contact lands on an expired offer page or the promotion doesn’t apply to the country they’re in? Research suggests that recipients are at least 50% less likely to respond to your next offer if they are mistargeted.

What’s new?

Geo-targeted blocks. Increase landing page relevancy. Drag and drop a country-specific offer or event invitation by post code.

Time-targeted context blocks. Delight, don’t disappoint; ensure that no one clicks through to a landing page banner promoting a sale that ended yesterday.


Empower your teams to work better together

Collaboration between teams

We know that collaborating as a team is important for the successful execution of your campaigns. Have you ever wondered how a particular automation program works, but not been sure who to ask? Now you won’t have to go through the hurdles of tracking down who last made changes.

What’s new?

Profiles. You can personalize your profile with key information such as job title and contact details. Plus, with a profile picture per user, you’ll instantly recognize who’s working on what.

Last edited. Pick up where your colleague left off: view last edited across email and SMS, automation programs, address books, and landing pages.

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The great news is that you can get started with these new features right away. Why not start by checking out segment templates or add a geo-targeted block to an existing landing page?


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The great news is that you can get started with these new features right away. Why not start by checking out segment templates or add a geo-targeted block to an existing landing page?

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