19two: Create unique customer journeys

Your customers are all different. But that doesn’t need to make your marketing efforts a hassle. Our second release of 2019 makes it easier than ever to tune in and tailor to your customers’ shopping habits. Get to know your big spenders from your recent shoppers, and create smart automated campaigns that cater for every opportunity.

Commerce intelligence

RFM modelling is your key to smarter ecommerce marketing

We don’t want to put a price tag on your customers, but understanding their behavior and value helps you target them better. Luckily for you, we’ve made this a piece of cake.

Customer dashboard

Now your customers can be viewed as personas based on the recency, frequency, and monetary value (RFM) of orders made. Confidently tailor messages to keep every customer hooked.

Our new customer dashboard helps you visualize which personas your customer base is made up of. You can quickly identify where customers are in the lifecycle – are they loyal or lapsing?

Retail dashboard

Commerce intelligence also offers a retail dashboard and serves as a data hub for merchants in Engagement Cloud. Multi-currency support makes it easy to read your data, no matter what part of the world you operate in.

Decision-makers can view important KPIs and trends at a glance. From customer lifetime value to repeat purchase data, now you can get the headlines stats you need for your marketing meetings.


Apply customer personas to new or existing segments


These are your biggest spenders who buy frequently. They’re likely advocates, so make sure you go above and beyond the call of duty.


Active shoppers who have made a recent purchase need more than a thank you. Reward loyal customers with exclusive offers. Turn every campaign into an opportunity to up their AOV!


Customers who have recently placed an order and might be price-sensitive. Focus on driving a repeat purchase, quickly, by sending them a discount.

High potential

These guys used to be loyal or even champions. Don’t face losing this valuable group: reduce churn with reward schemes and product recommendations.

Need nurturing

It’s been a while since their last purchase, so focus on an incentive and social proof. Review how frequently you send, unless there’s a sale.


This customer has gone AWOL and stopped purchasing altogether. Try a once-in-a-lifetime offer or test the efficacy of other channels. 

Target champion customers with a RFM scoreTarget loyal customers with a RFM scoreTarget recent customers with a RFM scoreTarget high potential customers with a RFM scoreTarget customers needing nurturing with a RFM scoreTarget inactive customers with a RFM score

Pages and forms

Conversion starts with intuitive design

Pages and forms work hand in hand, so we’ve combined the two existing features. We’ve also given the forms tool a makeover. Now you can build surveys like you do emails – intuitively, using EasyEditor.

What's new?

They’re sexier. Good-looking surveys get better response rates than poorly designed ones. It’s as simple as that. 

They’re smarter. Create multi-page forms with new section controls, and use survey branching to show relevant questions based on past answers.

They’re more versatile. New form blocks make your surveys sleeker. Use field group, sections, progress bars, and action buttons to enhance the customer experience. Plus, more input types mean richer responses. 

Additional templates. Choose from a range of new templates and make capturing feedback or preferences part of your BAU.


Cut through the noise with SMS

Whether you’re new to the channel or a long-time text convert, with a 97% open rate, we want to make it easier than ever for you to use SMS in your campaigns.

We’ve spruced up Engagement Cloud’s SMS UI to streamline your operations. Unicode notification and suppression lists will also prevent any accidental costly sends. Meanwhile, link shortening and tracking will give you more informed reporting.

What can I use SMS for?

  • Include a promo code in your welcome text and convert subscribers into paying customers
  • Achieve repeat conversions with timely nudges as part of your replenishment program
  • Announce early bird ticket sales to VIP contacts and generate quick sign-up to your events

Abandoned cart

Making cart recovery a no-brainer

Today, all consumers have the luxury of choice. Someone who visits your website can easily shop elsewhere, so brands are investing more time in win-back tactics. And with a 70% abandonment rate, recovering lost carts should be your top priority.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Our certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge, with seamless data sync and improved functionality, makes abandoned cart campaigns easy to set up.

  • Define the inactivity period after which you trigger the cart recovery campaign
  • The cartridge supports site and ROI tracking

Commerce Flow

Whether you’re new to WooCommerce or migrating across from Magento, we’re introducing scripts that make setting up or transferring your existing abandoned carts painless.

CRM improvements

Enable free-flow mode

Salesforce two-way marketing preference sync

For an enhanced customer view, Salesforce CRM integration users can sync marketing preferences between Engagement Cloud and Salesforce.

  • New preference opt-ins and opt-outs are synced both ways
  • Rule of thumb: last edited wins!
  • Any preferences deleted in Engagement Cloud will also be removed from Salesforce

Microsoft Dynamics 365 improvements

Users can now manage their time better with data synchronization enhancements. 

  • Sync any lead or contact
  • Schedule syncs at a time that suits you to reduce performance impact
  • Check the status of sync activity with Sync Audit Panel (Dynamics 2013 and up)

Backed by popular demand

New improvements based on your feedback

Segment by email replies

It’s now possible to segment based on users that have replied to any campaign or a specific one. So, you’ll find it a lot easier to handle requests, RSVPs, or questions in future.

Lock and key

Bigger accounts have more advanced permission management needs. All customers can now define which managed users can send to which address book.

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