Driving exponential growth in revenue with dotdigital & Magento

  • increase in GSR

  • of monthly GSR triggered by abandoned cart

  • SMS open rate

Accolade Wines is the number one wine company in Australia and the UK by volume, and the fifth largest wine company in the world. Since treading their first grapes in 1853, they’ve been drawing on a proud heritage as one of the first wineries established in Australia.


Following their merger, Accolade Wines and Fine Wine Partners needed to change their service systems in response to both the growth of their customer base and the shifting marketplace. Accolade Wines was limited to sending bulk emails out to their entire database without any marketing automation, with data being manually uploaded. Because of this outdated process, 53 percent of customers were only making one-time purchases. To address this the company decided to implement a marketing automation solution that would improve customer retention rates and increase profits.


Since May 2017, Accolade Wines has been using dotdigital as their customer engagement technology provider; using the Engagement Cloud. “dotdigital’s platform is easy to learn and use, saving the trouble of having individual, manually-operated backend systems. Our experience with email marketing automation programs such as the birthday voucher, post-purchase emails, and abandoned cart trigger campaigns has been outstanding,” commented Amy Goodsell, Business Development Manager at Accolade Wines.

Accolade Wines has also implemented SMS as part of a bigger campaign, and it’s proven very effective. For example, as part of the Australia Day sale, an SMS notification was linked to 15 percent of the total Gross Sales Revenue (GSR) generated during the campaign period. The campaign was also efficiently run, via SMS alerts, with direct links to the online store.


By using dotdigital, Accolade Wines has not only enhanced its automation features, but also driven staff towards a stronger approach to customer service and engagement. Moreover, they are able to further develop another trigger program that sends a voucher code to those who have been dormant for over 90 days after a one-time purchase. This has helped with overall brand recognition and reputation, as well as customer retention.

The SMS campaigns have also had a staggering open rate, according to Amy. “Compared with traditional email open rates, which for our most engaged, active database sits at a not too shabby 38-40 percent, SMS open rates are in the 99th percentile!”