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Colart’s previous email templates were inflexible and required knowledge of HTML code; users who lacked it couldn’t create and edit campaigns. Not only was this time-consuming, but as a global business many marketers struggled to activate local initiatives on email. The existing templates held the team back, who were unable to promote products or engage artists in a relevant way at scale.

Transferring the existing educational automation series, ‘Masterclass’, over to dotdigital was another challenge. The program sends opted-in consumers a weekly how-to video on email. Over the course of 18 months, Colart had over 70 videos and achieved over 50,000 new sign-ups. The existing consumer data and automations had to be migrated over smoothly, so as to not interrupt the time-sensitive series.


Dotdigital is much more accessible to users across the business than Colart’s previous provider. The upskilled team now sends less batch-and-blast emails and more targeted messages, improving relevancy for different audiences and their unique interests. Plus, dynamic content in email means that content can display for certain regions or personas only.

In the move to Dotdigital, Colart received creative consultancy right from the initial pitch through to implementation and beyond. The team worked with Dotdigital’s creative director, Ger Ashby, to design new mobile-first email templates that gave users more flexibility and new blocks to play with.

What’s more, thanks to EasyEditor, the team can develop emails more efficiently. The drag-and-drop tool makes it quick and simple to build reusable content blocks.

The creative planning and work meant the team could start sending brilliant-looking emails, without any HTML knowledge, right away. With the time saved the team could now focus on optimizing results.

This newly optimized campaign, with well placed calls to action and relevant product recommendations, was featured on Really Good Emails

Winsor & Newton

Winsor & Newton, one of Colart’s most historic brands, develops premium tools and services that enhance the artists’ practice and aim to provide artists with high quality support and advice. Its reputation, built on delivering the finest quality products, is future-proofed through continued innovation and investment in product research and development.

The email playbook supplied by digital creative lead Amy, as well as the wider creative team, ensures consistency in the design of Winsor & Newton’s emails globally, no matter who builds the email. This resource has proved beneficial for new starters and current dotdigital users too.


About Colart

Founded in 1991, Colart is a large international supplier of art materials. Supporting historic brands like Winsor and Newton, Colart’s mission is to inspire every artist in the world.

Since moving to Dotdigital, average open rates have shot up by 53%. Likewise, click-to-open rates have increased by 15% compared to the previous provider”

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If the stats are anything to go by, consumers love the look of the new emails. Since moving to Dotdigital, average open rates have shot up by 53%. Likewise, click-to-open rates have increased by 15% compared to the previous provider.

With help from Rebecca, Dotdigital’s marketing specialist, the migration to Dotdigital went without a hitch. The Masterclass series continues to educate and engage users, with open and click-to-open rates of 39%. This series also delivers 47% of all revenue from email.

Both global and local teams are now more empowered than ever to deliver highly engaging content. With the time saved, they can focus on understanding their audience better, developing testing strategies, and driving optimum results.