Crowdcube grows ROI by 56% with data-driven email

  • increase in returns from email

  • days per week saved in time and resource

Crowdcube helps businesses grow by accessing finance. With a plethora of dedicated investors, growing companies have the chance to achieve something great and leave their mark on the world.


Crowdcube has been growing as a business since day one. The brand’s success relies on connecting two types of customers: entrepreneurs looking to attract investment and investors seeking interesting businesses to support and invest in.

As the business grew, maintaining relevancy became even more important. But, with an inflexible technology stack in place, it also became much harder; especially when customer lists, as well as product offerings, were growing exponentially.

Content became broader, less personalized, and less relevant as the team had to manually curate marketing messages. Crowdcube needed to find a more sustainable option to deliver personalized experiences to investors and entrepreneurs that had the capacity to grow with the business.


Crowdcube partnered with to centralize its customer data and use machine learning to uncover insights and trends in its users’ behavior. To pull in this information and deliver data-driven messages, Crowdcube found a powerful solution with Dotdigital. was able to surface highly relevant insight about each and every one of the brand’s customers:

• People’s main interests
• How engaged they are
• Their average spend
• Demographic markers

This allowed Crowdcube to identify real people and understand how likely they are to develop as customers. Armed with such rich datasets, the brand could roll out customer experiences that were personal, relevant, and scalable. pushes these customer profiles to complementary marketing tools, like Dotdigital.

Dotdigital’s advanced personalization features, such as the ability to store rich product and content catalogs through insight data collections perfectly met Crowdcube’s demands. The brand could store hundreds – even thousands – of customer attributes and insights gathered by against each contact record.

What’s more, Dotdigital’s friendly email tool, flexible templating feature, and advanced liquid mark-up all allow Crowdcube to transform data into rich, engaging, and personalized content for its highly targeted campaigns. All this is in-keeping with the brand’s ethos and commitment to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale.

But, the best thing about this is that messages are all automated, saving the team valuable time.

“The combination of and Dotdigital means our team has created a set of highly sophisticated, automated data-driven campaigns and on-platform customer experiences – all ourselves. It’s been very empowering.”

Lauren Pugh, Product Marketing Manager at Crowdcube


It goes without saying that personalization has been a crucial part of Crowdcube’s marketing journey. So far the team has seen a 56% increase in returns from email – all thanks to those targeted data-driven campaigns.

Before moving to Dotdigital, it would take Crowdcube half a day every day to create their emails. With the help of and Dotdigital, the team saves nearly three days a week in time and resources.