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The National Gallery, in London’s Trafalgar Square, is one of the most renowned art galleries in the world. It houses possibly the greatest collection of Western European paintings, dating back as far as the 13th century, and exhibits works that range from the gothic to impressionist periods.

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With around 6 million visitors arriving every year, The National Gallery welcomes everyone from academics and tourists to hardcore art fans; its marketing messages need to cater to a wide breadth of knowledge and interests.

The Gallery’s eCRM and social media team was acutely aware that everyone who passed through the doors was on a personal art journey and to enhance guests’ journeys, they needed to cater for the diverse range of knowledge and interests.

This meant improving the relevancy of their content and choosing a platform that offered powerful and adaptive automation capabilities.

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The Gallery drew on Engagement Cloud’s intelligent personalization features to improve the customer experience, creating two key automation programs – pre-visit and post-visit. Customers who had purchased tickets online would be automatically enrolled onto these highly contextual programs.

Each triggered email is loaded with hints and tips to make sure visitors get the most out of their visit, including free events they can attend on the day. The organization also employs dynamic content to display either events or offers only available for members.

But this wasn’t enough for the National Gallery. Knowing that there were more automation opportunities to tap into, the Gallery launched an abandoned browse program to draw interested parties back into completing their booking.

Engagement Cloud’s WebInsights tool has empowered the team to retarget engaged segments with relevant content, making a stronger impression with subscribers.

After their visit, guests are targeted with an automated email. The Gallery encourages recipients to share thoughts about their visit on social media, while promoting upcoming events too. Consumers consider word-of-mouth as a reliable source of social proof; they trust other people’s opinions on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram over brands themselves. With this in mind, the National Gallery capitalized on guests’ positive post-visit emotions to help create a buzz about its latest exhibitions.

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The National Gallery’s small but hard-working team of marketers utilized Engagement Cloud’s automation capabilities to scale-up their marketing efforts and maximize their outputs.

The success of automation exceeded all expectations. Open rates for the triggered pre-visit email consistently reach 72%, with its CTR at 25%. Post-visit emails enjoy an average 60% open rate, while the abandoned browse campaign is driving a conversion rate of 25%.

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