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Headquartered in the UK, InnovaDerma is an emerging leader specializing in the research, manufacture, and marketing of clinically proven products in life sciences, beauty, and personal care products. As well as the UK, the company has a global presence in Europe, US, Australasia, and Africa. InnovaDerma is an ambitious and innovative business with an aim to create groundbreaking innovations through science and deliver innovative beauty and life sciences products that meet its very high standards and those of its customers.


Before moving to dotdigital, the brand was embedded in a cycle of batch-and-blast emails with limited customer segmentation, which resulted in a steady decline of engagement rates over time. Hence, the team knew that having more sophisticated reporting tools and dedicated strategic support to interpret and make recommendations for a quick path to value would help address this challenge.

Secondly, the absence of sophisticated marketing automation capabilities in its previous email marketing platform meant the brand was missing out on revenue. With lofty revenue goals needing to be met, the team wanted to ensure it was maximizing the revenue capabilities of all its digital channels. In light of this, InnovaDerma started exploring marketing automation solution providers with dedicated Customer Success support and a high level of platform maturity.

dotdigital case study - InnovaDerma


InnovaDerma partnered with dotdigital in October 2018 as its marketing automation solutions provider. According to Paddy Kennedy, Ecommerce Marketing Manager, “We were on Mailchimp but were growing out of it. We needed to maximize our revenue from email but were limited by its features. We needed a platform that the team could use easily and create customer journey automations with. We met Rohan and the team at dotdigital, clicked right away, and knew they were the right fit for our evolution.”

The company started their automation journey by implementing automated campaigns with surprising ease, such as a Welcome series, Product Replenishment, and Birthday series for its primary revenue-driving product, Skinny Tan UK.

The success with the flagship product Skinny Tan UK resulted in InnovaDerma replicating the dotdigital automated programs onto other product ranges, Charles & Lee, Roots, and Nu-Thing. Functionalities such as progressive profiling in the Welcome series helped the team to capture important consumer data points such as birthday and mobile numbers.

Capturing mobile numbers is important, as InnovaDerma has been using the SMS capability in the platform to send time-sensitive SMS promotions to its database, which can be appended to Google Analytics tracking through a link shortening tool, ensuring the team can analyze and optimize the revenue they generate through this channel.

Furthermore, the company used dotdigital’s automation solutions to collect, analyze, and utilize the data to run triggered email campaigns through a re-engagement automation. This allowed the brand to capitalize on those lapsed customers by either winning them back with an incentive, or to identify those that were no longer engaged and removing them from promotion sends to maintain data hygiene and a strong sender reputation. Segmentation also made it possible for the team to avoid engaging with lapsed customers by segregating them from the active ones, thus yielding higher engagement rates.

InnovaDerma has also been able to use another platform feature, dotdigital’s product recommendations, in their emails to drive additional incremental revenue. Their brand Roots used the ‘Best Sellers’ product recommendation to highlight the brand’s best-selling products to its customers within a block in their emails, and this has generated revenue for them directly attributable to this feature.

dotdigital case study - InnovaDerma


Dedicated to delivering high-performance and high standard products to its customers, InnovaDerma has come leaps and bounds in the past 18 months with its omnichannel marketing. It has helped the brand to match the high bar it set with its products and their social media marketing.

The Welcome series, Product Replenishment, and Birthday series for Skinny Tan UK have performed exceptionally with outstanding results. The company saw an increase of 436% in revenue from automation during the first half of 2020 compared to the whole of 2019.

Commenting on the partnership with dotdigital, Lucius Lim, Ecommerce & Data Analyst said, “Before dotdigital one of the key challenges we faced was the overall decline in our open rates. Therefore, we were looking for a platform that would help us with an in-depth knowledge of email best practice and deliverability, to help us refine the quality, relevancy, and frequency of our emails, their content, and the data we were sending to.”

“dotdigital has not only helped us overcome the deliverability challenges we initially faced, through its Deliverability team and dedicated Deliverability consulting – which resulted in our improved sender reputation – but we’ve also significantly increased our engagement rates through the sophisticated targeting and automation we can now do within the platform”, he added.

In upcoming months, InnovaDerma will continue to explore more of the product recommendation capabilities to drive incremental revenue and create highly personalized experiences for its customers. Continuing in the road of success, the brand will always be looking to expand and optimize its range of automations to build a loyal base where customers come back again and again.

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