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Launched in 2008, NEST New York is a leading name in the fragrance industry. Driven by a desire to create fragrance experiences that transport, inspire, and captivate the senses, NEST New York takes the everyday and turns it into something extraordinary. Helping customers achieve this is at the core of its marketing goals.

Nest Challenge


NEST New York’s goal was to deliver unique experiences through scents and home fragrances. Proper care for home fragrance products is rarely considered and therefore often neglected. As industry experts, NEST wanted to educate customers about how to maximize their time with the product.

Using its email marketing to create personalized, one-to-one experiences, NEST wanted to build trust and reinforce its position as an expert in the fragrance industry. With improved email engagement, NEST hoped to demonstrate its value to customers.

As founder Laura Slatkin says, “The right fragrance can lift your spirits, calm your senses, or set the tone for your day.” The NEST marketing team wanted to ensure every customer enjoys its products to the fullest. It needed to educate them about how to enhance their experience, establish its position as industry experts, and demonstrate the value of its products and its brand. By doing this, NEST hoped to create a stronger and more loyal customer base.


NEST decided to focus on its post-purchase experience by launching a new post-purchase automation program to educate customers about how to use and care for their products.

With the help of dotdigital’s Customer Success and Design experts, NEST launched its new multi-stage post-purchase program. dotdigital automation wizards were on hand to guide the team every step of the way. With their assistance, the brand is able to pull in powerful insights to personalize the aftersales campaign.

Using insights gathered from its Shopify Plus integration, NEST is able to target audience segments based on the type of products purchased. To personalize the campaign, the brand used this customer data to deliver specific aftersales care content. For example, if a customer purchases a Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser, they’ll be enrolled in a post-purchase program that provides additional set-up instructions to improve experience. Knowing that customer experience improves as they follow its care instructions, NEST also decided to include product recommendation blocks in its automated campaign. By pulling in products from its Shopify Plus catalogue, the brand displays related products to the customer and is able to drive them to become repeat purchasers.

Through educating its customers about product after-care, NEST helped to improve the customer’s overall experience. Ultimately, this built a strong base of loyal customers who trust and appreciate the value of the expert knowledge and products that NEST offers.


By introducing this new, personalized, post-purchase automation program, NEST New York has significantly improved its customers’ experience. Open rates have increased significantly. For the post-purchase program in particular, opens are 2x higher than its average open rate.

NEST has experienced a number of additional benefits from this automation campaign, but a major advantage has been a notable increase in customer engagement. Thanks to its post-purchase program, loyal customers have increased by 17% in five months and click-through rates have increased by up to 15%.

With further optimization, NEST New York hopes to drive these engaged shoppers into repeat purchasers.

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