Marketing automation

Marketing automation

Take customers on engaging journeys across every channel with our intelligent automation builder.

Master lifecycle marketing with dotdigital

Automation benefits
  • Flexibility. Automate your marketing routines intelligently.
  • Convert. Create smarter paths to conversion.
  • Omnichannel. Converse with more customers across multiple channels.
  • ROI. Data-driven automation is proven to drive your marketing returns.
  • Strategic. Free-up time and resources to focus on achieving your goals.

Design customer journeys

Build smart marketing automation programs


Start your customer's journey with an enrollment condition. This could be based on segments or triggered by an online action. Set schedules and limits to ensure the right people enter at the right time.


Drag and drop action nodes into your program to build your customer’s journey. Boost engagement with triggered email and SMS campaigns, and keep your data clean and tidy by updating contacts and address books automatically.


Customize your contact's journey with decision nodes. Trigger different routes depending on activity such as opens, web behavior, or order insight. Plus, give your contacts time to respond by including delay nodes.


Team collaboration is easy thanks to Engagement Cloud's annotation feature. Leave notes in your programs to call out specific nodes or explain your logic.

Exit conditions

Automatically enroll customers onto the next stage of their journey with specific exit conditions. These can be determined by the route they've just completed.

Enrollment node in Program BuilderAutomation actionsAutomation decisionsAutomation annotationsAutomation exit conditions

Extend your reach with automated omnichannel marketing

Make an impact with omnichannel messages and effective re-targeting

Facebook Audiences

Funnel unengaged contacts from a program into a new or existing Facebook Audience. Personalize ads based on web behavior and watch customers come flying back.

Google Ads

Unlock your conversion potential by driving contacts to act with hyper-targeted Google Ads.


Integrate SMS messaging into your programs, updating customers on promotions and need-to-know information. This could be an in-store limited offer, appointment confirmation, or product dispatch note.

Mobile messaging

Engage your customers in a way that’s more natural to them. Use channels to send them updates about their order or respond to inbounds with more product information.

Push notifications

Get even closer to your customers by adding push notifications to your automation programs and deliver your message straight into the palm of their hand.

Facebook audiencesGoogle adsSMS automationMobile messegingPush notifications

Across every point, from data integration, onboarding, and the first steps towards a new, fully automated, scientifically fluid world, the dotdigital team has been proactive, warm, and brilliant.

Richard Jones, Head of CRM, T. M. Lewin

Build intelligent marketing programs

Control and action, on demand

Stop and start

Pause, modify, and re-start your automation program at the click of a button. Enrolled contacts will remain where they are while you make those all-important changes.

Divert contacts

If one route of your program is performing better than another, divert contacts down the most effective path and benefit from the results.

Real-time count

View how many contacts sit at each node and assess your program’s impact. If contacts are persistently held at a particular node, attempt to nudge them by making changes to your campaign.

Split testing

Quantity-split your contacts and send them down separate paths to discover which campaigns and channels work best. Then optimize.

Automation stop and startDivert contactsReal time contact countSplit testing automations

Get started quickly with pre-built program templates

Kick-start your automation journey with a wide range of program templates

Get started

Start simple with your bread-and-butter automations, like the welcome series or re-engagement program. Step-by-step instructions will guide you on how to set everything up and get it right first time.


Safeguard your compliance to the GDPR with our tailored templates, which include the ‘Don’t Leave Us!’ program and double opt-in campaign.


Choose from our wide variety of engagement programs to nurture your contacts. From abandoned browse to renewal reminders and data collection – we’ve got everything covered.


Whether you’re a B2C or B2B, our loyalty programs are aimed at growing your customer love. Recognize significant milestones in the customer relationship with an anniversary program or reward your most engaged contacts with bonus points.


Ensure event success with our pre-built event programs. Drive attendance, inform sign-ups and check in after the big day.


Introduce your contacts to your bestsellers, re-engage inactive subscribers, and deliver the best aftersales care online. All with pre-built templates at your fingertips.

Omnichannel re-targeting

Funnel lapsed contacts to Facebook Audiences or Google Ads so you can re-engage them across other advertising channels and drive better omnichannel ROI.

Free automation templatesFree GDPR automation templatesEngagement automation templatesLoyalty automation templatesFree event automation templatesEcommerce automation templatesOmnichannel retargeting automation templates

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Engagement Cloud benefits at a glance

  • Design stylish emails effortlessly with our drag-and-drop tool
  • Leverage our automation tool to create multichannel lifecycle programs
  • Unlock customer engagement with SMS messaging
  • Synchronize data seamlessly from your CRM or ecommerce store
  • Use insight to craft relevant content and create powerful segments
  • Maximize sales and ROI with data-driven messages
  • Trigger push messages and re-targeting ads for extended brand reach
  • Harness AI to send personalized product recommendations

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