Teamwork is easy with Engagement Cloud collaboration tools. Empower every member and watch your results sky-rocket.

Why collaboration?

Collaboration stats
  • Time-saving. Free-up your team with smarter collaboration.
  • Efficient. Features that make teamwork the dream work.
  • Productivity. Simple ways to maximize business capacity.
  • Sales. Eliminate the bottlenecks and close more sales.
  • Excel. Jump the obstacles to great customer experiences.

Account types and solutions

Manage activities with single, multiple, or branched Engagement Cloud accounts

Parent accounts

Your parent account acts as a hub, where you can manage your various child accounts. Organize your data, campaigns, and automation programs from one central place.

Child accounts

If you have multiple business units or departments, make use of child accounts. They help keep work spaces clear and reduce the risk of campaign mix-up. 

Sharing is caring

Cascade templates from parent accounts to child accounts. Pick and choose which teams to share your suppression lists with, all from your main admin panel.

Parent accountsChild accountsSharing documents and data

Team management

Maximize user efficiency for better outcomes

User management

Keep an overview of all your managed users in the admin panel. Understand what their roles entail and whether they have admin powers or not.


Manage all of your user permissions from one single place. Jump in and out of accounts in a flash, allowing or restricting managed users to perform specific actions.

Team visibility

Track what your users are doing at both parent- and child-account level. Know exactly who last edited what and move jobs from do to done.

Web-ready team managementPermissioningGain visibility of your team

Automate together

Our collaborative features will make working together better than ever

Who's who?

Personalize profiles with key information such as job title and contact details. Plus, with a profile picture per user, you'll instantly recognize who's working on what.

Last edited

Pick up where your colleague left off: view last edited across email and SMS, automation programs, address books, and landing pages.


Eliminate confusion with notes that explain the story behind your automation programs. Signpost any to-dos at each branch of your program so that team members are up to speed.

Printable reports

Lead the meeting and talk big wins with printable reports. Engagement Cloud makes it easy to discuss performance and plan ahead.

User profiles in Engagement CloudLast modified dates in Engagement CloudAutomation annotationsShareable reports

Engagement Cloud benefits at a glance

  • Design stylish emails effortlessly with our drag-and-drop tool
  • Leverage our automation tool to create multichannel lifecycle programs
  • Unlock customer engagement with SMS messaging
  • Synchronize data seamlessly from your CRM or ecommerce store
  • Use insight to craft relevant content and create powerful segments
  • Maximize sales and ROI with data-driven messages
  • Trigger push messages and re-targeting ads for extended brand reach
  • Harness AI to send personalized product recommendations

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