SMS marketing


SMS brings you closer than ever to your customers. Cut through the noise and get your message straight to the palm of their hand.

Direct reach guaranteed

SMS benefits
  • ROI. Engage and convert customers wherever they are, whenever.
  • Direct. 90% of SMS messages are read in under three minutes.
  • Fast. With SMS, there’s no design time needed, so you can save time instead.
  • Global. Worldwide coverage empowers your customer reach.
  • Automated. Set and forget: add SMS to any existing automation program.

Unrivalled reach

There are eight billion devices in the world. Time to get in on the action?

Universal channel

Our SMS service covers 156 countries across the globe. You can reach customers wherever they are, and there's no need for internet.


Nine out of ten text messages are opened within three minutes of being received. These levels of engagement are unprecedented.


Delivered directly into the palm of your customer’s hand, there's no worry about SMS messages being mistaken for spam.

SMSSMS notificationUnread SMS

Engage with text

Discover new ways to win over your audiences


Connect with lapsed customers by sending them exclusive access to new collections, or re-engage them with a unique coupon code.


There are now even more ways to ensure your subscribers have a memorable experience with your brand. Sent notifications about upcoming local events or updates to event schedules.

Customer service

Keep your customers 'in the know' every step of the way by sending them relevant and helpful order and delivery updates.


Use SMS to nudge subscribers during a local flash sale or when new products drop. Click throughs are so effective, you may want to throttle your sends to control surges in web traffic or at your call centres. Include a link, and track engagement for re-targeting and further personalization across future touchpoints like product recommendations.

Re-engage customers with SMSEvents SMSInclude links and track engagement in SMS text messagesInclude links and track engagement in SMS text messages

Quick and easy

Our integrated SMS capabilities make adding this new channel simple


Add SMS to perfectly complement your existing multichannel marketing programs, giving your customers the ultimate omnichannel experience.

Zero design time

SMS marketing requires no design. Compose and preview your messages through Engagement Cloud, so all you need to work on is your character count (and don’t worry, we’ll warn you if there’s Unicode in there by mistake).


Track performance of delivery, open rate and click-through in real-time. Engagement Cloud’s reporting suite gives you a top-level overview of your campaigns.


Don’t worry about keeping track of your replies, Engagement Cloud does that all for you. You can see all responses in our intelligent reporting areas. What’s more, you can segment SMS replies based on how contacts interact with your messages: i.e. by who has replied to SMS campaigns or by specific content in an SMS.

SMSNo design required for SMSSMS trackingSMS replies


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Benefits at a glance

  • Design stylish emails effortlessly with our drag-and-drop tool
  • Leverage our automation tool to create multichannel lifecycle programs
  • Unlock customer engagement with SMS messaging
  • Synchronize data seamlessly from your CRM or ecommerce store
  • Use insight to craft relevant content and create powerful segments
  • Maximize sales and ROI with data-driven messages
  • Trigger push messages and re-targeting ads for extended brand reach
  • Harness AI to send personalized product recommendations

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