Luxury Brand Workshop

How to win a new breed of consumers, and how to keep them

  • Hosted by PHA & Dotdigital
  • LOCATION: Dotdigital, Floor 9, No. 1 London Bridge
  • DATE: September 8, 2022
  • TIME: 13:30PM - 17:30PM BST

David Schulhof

Director of Digital, PHA

Rachel Colbert, Head of Customer Success - Commerce, Dotdigital

Rachel Colbert

Head of Customer Success - Commerce, Dotdigital

While some luxury brands were actively introducing new digital experiences pre-pandemic, others felt that an online presence might undermine their brand values of timelessness, tradition, and attentive, one-to-one service.

As we emerge out of the pandemic more luxury brands need to explore ways in which they can engage with digital while preserving that sense of sophistication. Many brands saw a huge increase in the new customers due to the shifting behaviors online caused by COVID19, but how can you keep these customers loyal and engaged. If brands can display core brand values into the digital domain, you’ll be able of not only attracting digitally-savvy millennial customers but also increasing sales to existing affluent customers who often lack the time to visit a store.

But brands striving to be competitive, however, reputation alone is simply no longer enough to inspire loyalty, and with demand for multi-channel on the rise, neither is a single focus on in-store customer service.

In this afternoon workshop session we’ll be covering two main areas – how to win a new breed of consumers for luxury brands, and then how to keep them.

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