AMP for Email

Create unforgettable experiences by sending dynamic and interactive emails using AMP email.

Send real-time, engaging content with AMP for email

Unlock brand new possibilities to create memorable customer experiences in email

  • Elevated email personalization

    Your emails will always be up to date as AMP surfaces fresh content based on customers’ in-email behavior.

  • Real-time data capture

    AMP for email allows users to engage quickly, updating preferences or filling out surveys directly in the inbox.

  • In-email interactions

    Showcase offers and engage customers with carousels and accordions to browse without leaving your email.

  • Safe and secure

    Ad components and 3rd party features are not allowed in AMP email keeping users safe and secure.

  • Hassle-free design

    Choose from three customizable templates to create stand-out emails that engage quickly.

  • Bespoke service

    Our expert Creative studio team will work with you to ensure every AMP-powered email meets your needs.

The next generation of email marketing

Modernize your marketing with power AMP for email functionality

AMP for email allows brands to use AMP technology to create rich and engaging emails. Marketers can use AMP for email to embed live, interactive elements such as accordions, carousels, and surveys into your email marketing. This means subscribers have no need to open new tabs or exit inboxes to complete an action.

Deliver an enhanced email experience to every customer based on individual engagements in-email. Content is refreshed in real-time, so subscribers receive highly personalized content every time they open an email.

Discover the endless benefits of AMP for email

Surprise and delight customers with dynamic and engaging email content

Become a truly customer-centric brand by delivering best-in-class email marketing. Empower customers to discover new products with the help of hyper-personalized product recommendations. Intelligent, real-time updates to ensure content is always relevant, and two-way data capture allows customers to tailor their preferences to perfectly meet their needs.

Brand new features such as in-email interactivity break down barriers to sales. With AMP for email subscribers can browse product catalogs, events, and manage marketing preferences – all without leaving an email. You’ll be able to deliver delightful customer experiences that convert customers and keep them coming back for more.

Exceed expectations with AMP for email

Tap into dotdigital’s email expertise to power-up your email marketing

Crafting AMP-powered emails is easy with the expert guidance of dotdigital’s Creative studio. Our amazing team of designers and coders have the know-how to get you up and running so you can start engaging customers like never before.

Whether you’re interested in driving conversions, increasing ROI, or improving engagements, our team has the solution for you. The custom, brand-tailored nature of AMP emails means you’ll be miles ahead of your competition. Our AMP for email service will empower you to send interactive emails guaranteed to deliver impressive results.

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