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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Grow your brand with the power of AI-driven technology. Make smarter decisions about who to target, with what product, and when.

Let AI do the hard work with data-driven marketing tools

40% of marketers have either fully or partly implemented AI

  • Data enrichment

    Extract product information to enrich your descriptions and tailor better recommendations.

  • Send time optimization

    dotdigital Engagement Cloud uses self-learning to send your emails at the optimum time.

  • Clever product recommendations

    Help customers choose the right products, with AI recommendations and their affinity scores.

Inform product recommendations with better product descriptions

AI tools that find, extract, and classify product information automatically

AI-Product recommendations | dotdigital

dotdigital Engagement Cloud has AI functionality embedded within its commerce intelligence tool. Merchants can enrich their product data with the click of a button, and target customers with more suitable product recommendations. Tag generation within the platform scans and process images in a flash. You can generate tags such as color, garment type, gender, and style with unbeatable accuracy. Analyzing product images and creating accurate tags means you can segment recommendations more effectively. Filter product recommendations based on color or material, for example. You can even recycle meta tags on your website pages to use in product details and recommendation filters.

Get them at the right time with send time optimization

Our self-learning tool optimizes send times for when contacts are likelier to open

Send time optimization | dotdigital

We’re conscious that people – your customers – run on different time. You can use our send time optimization tool to engage customers in their individual moments, at a time that works best for them. Then scale it. Boost your global relevance without any hiccups. Send time optimization helps you master every time zone in minimal time. Send time optimization works perfect for dynamic content, too. Send the right content at exactly the right time. Automate personalized product notifications when your customers are sure to notice. And don’t forget to report on performance. Track the ROI from your optimized campaigns to view, analyze, and share the metrics that matter – all from dotdigital Engagement Cloud’s reporting feature.

Go beyond the basics with predictive product recommendations

Personalized product recommendations that drive more sales revenues

AI-Predictive product reccomendations | dotdigital

Machine learning is the secret to unlocking online sales, so let AI do the work for you. Our hybrid model, drawing from multiple datasets such as orders and product views, generates unique recommendations that are hyper-personalized to individual customers. Predictive recommendations in dotdigital Engagement Cloud include ‘lookalikes’ and ‘best next’. For ‘lookalikes’, our AI functionality analyzes your product catalog data, identifies similar attributes, and surfaces products that go well together. These are perfect for complementary products or cross-selling. ‘Best next’ goes on step further, determining which products customers are likely to buy next based on the purchase history of similar shoppers. You can use these recommendations to upsell in a post-purchase automation program.

Maximize your conversions with affinity score

Target individual customers with the right products

Lifecycle ecommerc tools

dotdigital Engagement Cloud’s Affinity Score feature empowers you with a confidence score of how likely customers are going to react positively to certain products. With lookalikes and best next product recommendations enabled, discover how AI works in the background to suggest items that are compatible with your customers’ past purchase and browse behaviors, those of other similar customers, plus relevant product attributes too. Don’t take our word on it when populating your emails with AI-powered product recommendations; expressed as a percentage, see exactly how confident the AI is at contact level.

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