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Connect with your customers to grow your business. Live chat offers instant, one-to-one access to your hottest site visitors.

Speak to customers on live chat, their preferred support channel

dotdigital Engagement Cloud’s live chat tool helps you convert customers faster

  • Generate more sales

    Make it easy for customers to buy products and services. It’s a great opportunity to lead-score, cross-upsell products, and drive ROI.

  • Support customers when stuck

    Engage with visitors stuck at checkout, and get answers to their questions in an instant. Turn the experience around and put them on the right track.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

    Keep visitors coming back with great experiences and incentives. Eliminate the roadblocks, resolve queries quickly, and always ask for feedback.

  • Scale your customer service

    Bots help you connect site visitors either to the correct info or with a human agent, in seconds. Create a personalized experience that scales.

  • Meet customers’ expectations

    Automate welcome messages or out-of-hours that set a realistic level of service for customers. Make sure they know when and how to get a hold of you.

  • Multi-team support

    Share the benefits of live chat across your whole business. Scale across departments and regions to serve customers the right info, when they need it.

One-to-one conversations on live chat

Chat with customers online and personalize the experience

Examples of chat conversations and customer chatting | dotdigital

With more and more customers choosing to shop online over visiting bricks-and-mortar stores, live chat helps you increase your online reach. Connect with customers one on one, respond to their questions effectively, and drive them towards a purchase. 

Make live chat an acquisition channel by sending forms directly to users for data-capture, all the while providing excellent customer service so customers keep coming back. Our tool reassures users that they’re talking to actual human beings, too. Get instant notification of a new chat, via email or in browser, and let visitors put a face to a name with recognizable team Avatars. And if that wasn’t enough, your agents can see the user’s recent page views, giving them the power of relevancy to propel the conversation forward.

With real-time conversations and centralized data, your teams have the knowledge and power to deliver amazing omnichannel marketing experiences at any time in the buying journey.

Handle customer queries quickly

Live chat delivers first-class customer care

Customer queries | dotdigital

Remove barriers to sale by answering any questions customers might have about product size, settings, or service. Switch chats between teams so the query gets dealt with in a flash. Plus, our handy web widget translates for 20 languages, too! 

Technical errors can also happen at any time. Live chat helps you identify and fix them before you lose out on revenue – all thanks to your eagle-eyed customers.

And don’t forget that live chat can get you instant feedback about your product, service, app, or site from active users. Take this information on board and use it to improve your customers’ experiences.

Get orders over the line

Live chat gives you direct access to the sales funnel

Orders | dotdigital

dotdigital’s live chat tool isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s essential. With your team on hand to answer questions and guide users towards your goals, there’s even more opportunity to sell and increase AOV. 

Live chat also helps you capture more information about customers and prospects, including email addresses and consent to add to your marketing lists. You can then improve your lead scoring and deliver more targeted and personalized omnichannel marketing campaigns. Find out exactly where your contacts are in the funnel, and then help them get to the next stage. 

And did we mention complementary chat channels like Facebook Messenger? Make stronger connections with customers on the go; guide them through the shopping process and help out with any post-purchase queries. 


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