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CRM tools

Streamline your marketing activities, help your sales teams deliver more business wins, and
grow your customer base.

CRM integration to help your sales team sell more

Target your leads at the right time in the prospect lifecycle

  • Unlock CRM data

    Sync your contact and account data seamlessly from your CRM platform into dotdigital Engagement Cloud.

  • Build the sales funnel

    Monitor prospect activity, create robust segments, and convert at the right time. Know exactly where people are in the buying journey.

  • Qualify leads fast

    Qualify contacts that perform high-intent activities on your site, whether that’s downloading content or viewing a pricing page.

  • Lead scoring

    Score your contacts based on their interactions with your brand. Enrol leads onto the right customer lifecycle automation program.

  • Targeted CRM campaigns

    Build omnichannel marketing automation programs that deliver the right message to the right contact at the right time.

  • Boost sales growth

    Data-driven marketing automation is proven to increase sales opportunities and maximize revenue across the entire lifecycle.

Put your CRM data to work

Turn first-touch engagements into recurring orders

CRM data | dotdigital

Pull your marketing lists or campaigns into dotdigital Engagement Cloud, and start recording all engagements for teams to view and action. You can nurture leads with valuable, relevant content based on contact data stored in your CRM, such as location, job role, industry, preferences, and much more.

Power your sales team with contact-level marketing insight such as email opens, clicks, form submissions, preferences, and even buying persona. Align your efforts across departments so you can close bigger deals more quickly. Build your lead’s profile even more with web behavior, and trigger highly targeted messages in real time. Perhaps your contact half-filled out a form but didn’t submit it? Send them a reminder, or alert your sales representative in CRM.

Steer the buyer’s journey

Use behavioral marketing to interact with prospects more meaningfully

Buyers journey | dotdigital

Every sales deal is a journey, and having visibility over that journey makes both the marketer’s and salesperson’s jobs easier. Contact scoring helps you paint a better picture. Filter leads into different groups based on their engagement and intent to buy; everything from opens and clicks to demo requests and page views. Once your contacts hit a certain score you can enrol them onto the right nurture program, plus trigger workflows that alert your teams to follow up.

Our smart customer segmentation tool means you’ll always deliver the right message to the right person. Segment prospects based on CRM contact data, lead scoring, and web behavior. Then target them with a relevant communication on their preferred channel.

Scale your customer retention

Omnichannel marketing automation that keeps customers engaged

Customer retention | dotdigital

Existing customers are valuable. We know you want to grow their accounts, increase their orders, and retain their business. dotdigital Engagement Cloud lets you. Our customer lifecycle tools put your customers at the heart of your business and increase customer satisfaction fast. Pre-set all the important automations you need: from renewal programs to loyalty schemes and more.

You can also use pre-built RFM segments to increase AOV and scale customer lifetime value for existing customers. They are automatically grouped into personas based on their purchase history, which help you tailor the right message to cross-/upsell more effectively. Send the most relevant product recommendations at the right time, every time.

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