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Watch revenue soar with ecommerce marketing built around the customer

Maximize your online store’s potential with dotdigital

Exceed goals and customer expectations with an omnichannel automation platform built for ecommerce

  • Leading ecommerce solutions

    dotdigital Engagement Cloud integrates with leading ecommerce solutions and allows for multi-store support.

  • Lifecycle automation

    Automate key touchpoints in your customers journey to boost conversions and maximize returns on every channel.

  • RFM segments

    With order data at your fingertips, creating personal experiences for your shopping personas is possible in just a few clicks.

  • Intelligent reporting

    Track RFM persona movement to uncover customer insight and filter and compare revenue and order reports.

  • Global scale

    Connect data and manage multiple stores with multiple currencies, all from a single dotdigital account.

  • AI product recommendations

    Let powerful AI manage your product recommendations to deliver shoppers content that converts.

Pull data from your online store

Break down data silos and discover the power of customer data with dotdigital

Online-store-data | dotdigital

Get to know your customers and build strong relationships by syncing dotdigital Engagement Cloud with your ecommerce website. Our platform integrates with all the leading ecommerce solutions and our open API means connecting with other ecommerce platforms is quick and easy to set up. You can now unlock your important order, store, and customer data using commerce flow, too. 

With synced-up systems, you can access more data than ever before. Order insights and RFM personas shed light on shoppers’ spending habits and can be used to build simple but targeted audience segments.

Personalize ecommerce experiences at scale

Inspire and convert more shoppers using personalization in your content marketing

Personalize ecommerce experiences | dotdigital

With your shop’s data syncing with dotdigital Engagement Cloud it’s easier than ever to create perfectly personalized experiences for all your customers. Use dynamic content to turn one email into tailored communications based on location, gender, or age.

External dynamic content provided by some of our best-in-class technology partners help drive conversions by adding relevancy and urgency to your email marketing.

And, our AI-powered product recommendations use data from your ecommerce website to showcase up to eight relevant items from your catalog to each individual contact. In Engagement Cloud we sort the recommendations library by customer journey stages – making it easier for you to choose the right products for your customers, whether that’s repeat shoppers, post-purchase, or more. 

Convert more with dotdigital’s seamless ecommerce automations

Create unique customer journeys with our intelligent marketing automation tools

Seamless ecommerce automations | dotdigital

Save time and maximize revenue by automating key touchpoints in shoppers’ journey with your brand. Whether you build your automation programs from scratch using our easy automation builder or use one of the 30+ automation templates available on dotdigital Engagement Cloud, getting started is simple.

From welcome programs, abandoned browse and abandoned cart, to re-engagement, post-purchase, and loyalty plans our automation tools allow you to optimize the customer’s experience to increase optimization.

Track your goals using dotdigital ecommerce reporting

Grow faster using our intelligent platform and see your revenue rise

dotdigital ecommerce reporting | dotdigital

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce marketing, sales mean growth and growth means success. Using dotdigital Engagement Cloud, you can keep a close eye on your goals. Our intelligent ecommerce dashboards show you total revenue, average order value (AOV), customer lifetime value (CLV), the number of one-off customers you have, and how many shoppers are repeat buyers. As well as handy abandoned cart reporting, you can even view individual customer orders in our orders screen, helping you measure the real success of your marketing campaign efforts. 

Even working in different currencies, dotdigital reports convert to your currency of choice. Reports can be filtered by segments or address books, so you can discover how well specific audience groups are performing. And, movement within dynamic RFM personas segments can be tracked to give you added insight into the spending habits of your customers.

Omnichannel ecommerce that drives revenue

Don’t just sell to customers, talk to them and watch engagements turn into sales

Omnichannel ecommerce | dotdigital

Create truly unified experiences for your customers. dotdigital Engagement Cloud’s omnichannel automation tools make it easy for you to connect with customers, no matter the channel. Go mobile with SMS marketing tools that’ll help you reach customers instantly in over 150 countries. Re-engage lost contacts with personalized retargeting using Facebook ads and Google ads.

Empower customer service and sales teams with intelligent live chat functionality and improve cross-team collaboration. You can even send personalized order updates and back-in-stock alerts through automated push notifications. All from dotdigital Engagement Cloud.

Discover dotdigital Engagement Cloud for ecommerce

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