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Grow your lists faster and capture the right customer data. Our surveys, forms, and landing pages help you to maximize your conversions.

Smart customer acquisition with our landing pages and forms tool

dotdigital Engagement Cloud’s pages and forms help you personalize the customer journey

  • Grow your email list

    Use popovers or sign-up forms on your site to increase your subscriptions. Offer an incentive that makes subscribing a no-brainer.

  • Capture customer preferences

    Sync people’s preferences directly from your preference center into your dotdigital Engagement Cloud account. No manual uploads, no fuss.

  • Personalize the experience

    Customizing your landing pages is easy. Include bestsellers and other product recommendations to drive contacts to your site.

  • Faster, smarter conversion

    Use landing pages to display actionable content like preference centers, feedback surveys, event registrations, and product pushes.

  • Drag-and-drop building blocks

    Create your surveys and landing pages using simple building blocks in our easy design tool. Drag and drop content blocks, data fields, and more.

  • Pre-built templates

    Whether it’s a contact form, webinar registration form, or competition entry, we’ve got the right survey template for you.

Easy landing page builder tool

Design branded landing pages for better conversion rates

Easy landing page builder tool - dotdigital

The initial point of contact between your website and a visitor is the make or break point of conversion. Will they or won’t they act on your lead? Content and design, messaging, and imagery all have a part to play. And to bag those goal conversions, any form you embed on a landing page needs to get to the point, and fast.

Create branded landing pages and forms that optimize your conversion points. Use our easy drag-and-drop tool to create exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s a product promotion or event launch. We’ve got free landing page templates you can use, too.

Build branded surveys and preference centers

Get to know your customers using dotdigital's powerful form builder

Build branded surveys and preference centers - dotdigital

Use our form builder tool to understand your audiences better. Online surveys are a quick and simple way to gather customer insight, helping you personalize content and the customer experience at scale. Build everything from registration forms to customer feedback forms, all in dotdigital Engagement Cloud. You can even personalize forms with our branching tool, and only show respondents questions that are relevant to them.

And, don’t forget the almighty preference center. Capture the right customer data – from demographic information to product interests and marketing preferences. Store this insight in dotdigital Engagement Cloud and use it to tailor emails, build customer segments, and automate relevant omnichannel marketing campaigns.

See the potential of dotdigital’s landing pages and forms

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