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Each campaign tells a story. Discover yours with real-time results for every metric that matters to your business.

Get your marketing campaign results fast

From opens and clicks to behaviors and ROI

  • Easy campaign reports

    Use insights to continuously improve on your email marketing metrics. Replicate your outstanding campaigns and drive consistently good results.

  • Drill-down reporting

    Dig deeper into you data to understand the bigger picture. Identify what's worked well where, and use this insight to improve across the board.

  • Customer dashboards

    Group customers based on RFM personas and ecommerce metrics. Know who's a big spender and who seldom shops, and target them differently.

  • Advanced tracking

    Discover more by applying filters to your contact groups and segments. Understand what content makes them tick.

  • ROI reporting

    ROI conversion rate tracking to grow your business further. Understand how much bang you get from your buck across all campaigns.

  • Program reporting

    Program reports give you an on-the-ground view of where you can optimize and drive results,
    without hours of number crunching.

Email & SMS campaign reports

You’ll always know your next move with our suite of reporting tools

Email and sms reporting | dotdigital

Get every campaign you’ve ever sent, plus their most important metrics, all in one place. We’ve also made campaign comparison analysis easy. Never miss a trick or skip a success. Track your email marketing progress with surface-level comparison stats.

Got a specific set of metrics you want to compare? Set these requirements as your default for speedier reporting. If ROI is your most important metric, we’ve got you covered. Grow your ecommerce business with ROI conversion rate tracking. We code it, you enable it, and the insights flood in.

And don’t forget about your housekeeping. Keep reports organized with clutter-free functionality. Create and manage folders, and ping your most successful creatives to your template library. Plus, our printable reports mean you can attend every meeting with need-to-know data in hand. Update your team on marketing performance across the board.

Drilled-down marketing results

20 drill-down reports to help you make smarter marketing decisions

Drilled-down marketing results | dotdigital

We make your most important campaign results jump out at you. Get the metrics behind the top headlines from each campaign, from client share to click-to-open rate. Access interaction data with clear and customizable charts, from click statistics to link hotspotting and GA reporting.

We help you keep on top of delivery stats, too. Understand what’s working and where you need to improve. Check in with your delivery metrics, like bounces and unsubscribes.

dotdigital Engagement Cloud reports on insights that underline your campaign success. Geo-mapping, for example, helps you find your most engaged region. You can drill down into detailed reports for any chosen range. What’s more, bringing all your store data under one roof helps you analyze customer engagement better. See who’s engaging where and spending what, with RFM persona data all in your own commerce intelligence dashboards.

Detailed campaign tracking

Optimize your marketing campaigns with insight that’s to the point

Detailed campaign tracking | dotdigital

Want to see how customers from your events, global, or VIP address books responded to your campaign? Filter by any relevant folder. You can also report by specific segments to track their impact on your opens, clicks, and conversions. Tracking the engagement of your dynamic content variations couldn’t be easier, too. See how your personalization has paid off.

dotdigital Engagement Cloud’s automation reporting tool gives you greater insight into the successes of your marketing automation programs. You can easily identify where contacts are exiting your programs, making optimization simpler than ever before. 

Testing is an important aspect of maximizing your marketing campaign ROI. Reap the rewards of your A/B variations with split test-specific filters. Plus, track your brand’s hottest link groups and drive more engagements to the right places.

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