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dotdigital’s latest release brings improvements to ecommerce and CRM, and updates features for ultimate streamlining.

Platform improvements, built for you

Whether you're looking to get your head around bots, grow your business internationally, or leverage your CRM, this release will stand you in good stead for 2020

  • Ecommerce updates

    Multi-store support, product recommendation improvements and live chat integrations all make global expansion easy

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  • Feature delights

    We’ve updated platform favorites: SMS gets smarter and more possibilities than ever for Engagement Cloud Chat

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  • Leverage your CRM

    With our new, dedicated, intuitive and sleek Engagement Cloud App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

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Ecommerce updates for global expansion

Multi-store ecommerce platform support, Magento chat integration and abandoned browse are all here to take your ecommerce up a gear


Chat integrations

Engagement Cloud Chat acts as a complementary tool for your ecommerce endeavors. Chat bot integrations make conversations at scale much easier to manage. Plus, integrate with your Magento 2 store in a few clicks and enjoy one free chat agent on us!

Ecommerce improvements

An extension of your digital shopfront, visual updates to ‘My Store’ in Engagement Cloud brings more efficiency to your team. Apply rules of thumb to all your product recommendations with store-level logic. Plus, show the machine who’s boss; layer rules on top of our AI-powered recommendation engine.

Abandoned Browse

Abandoned browse joins abandoned cart for more revenue generating opportunities for your business than ever! Magento users can now truly catch ‘em all with abandoned search! Target high-intent shoppers and expect results.

Multi-store support

Connect multiple storefronts to your one and only Engagement Cloud account. Whether you are expanding to new regions, diversifying your offering in an existing market, or mid replatforming, you can rely on your data and reporting being in one place, even when using a variety of ecommerce platforms.

Feature favorite updates and delights

Automate your live chat communications, split-test SMS messages and set up text-to-join campaigns with more ease than ever

Engagement Cloud chat upgrades

Multi-team support opens up possibilities such as region- or department-specific teams. Automated messages such as welcome messages or out-of-hours will also help you meet customer expectations, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


New chat reporting means your admins can now view the total number of new chats, the average time to respond and complete, and see how many are currently open. They will also benefit from metrics that will compare response times, and agents, in a glance.

SMS gets smarter 

Built-in functionality for split-testing your SMS (yes, just like in emails!) brings more efficiency and creativity for serious marketers. ‘Text-to-join’ promotions, multiple choice competitions and other campaigns that rely on automation in order to scale are also easier than ever, with improved SMS auto-response.

Leverage your CRM with ease

Enjoy the new intuitive and sleek interface of the dedicated Engagement Cloud App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

Unified Interface Support for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enjoy Engagement Cloud’s dedicated app for Microsoft Dynamics 365, now supporting Unified Interface. Whether you are a CRM or marketing professional, new intuitive navigation makes the integration easy to use with little to no training. Create campaigns, perform sends and track reporting. 

Quicker than ever

What’s more, Dynamics just got quicker, with improved page and app load speeds that will save more even crucial time. This faster, smarter and easier update brings you all the benefit of a native app, but without the lag! Don’t forget: big improvements to your efficiency, will bring big rewards to your business.

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