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    Ecommerce businesses accelerated their revenue by almost 55% in 2020 with advanced digital tactics.

    With omnichannel marketing a must have for retailers, is your marketing strategy ready for the new year and beyond?

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      We will perform a detailed analysis of all your marketing channels including email, website, social media and SMS.

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      We will benchmark your marketing tactics against your peers in the industry, providing insights on where you stand against your competitors.

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      Based on our findings, we'll offer personalised recommendations that you can immediately apply to boost your marketing growth.

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    Meet Lyre’s! The award-winning non-alcoholic spirits company saw an exceptional growth in customer engagement.

    • 53% increase in conversion rate
    • 65% growth in click-to-open rates

    “Memorable customer experience remains a top priority for businesses, which is impossible to achieve without the proper understanding of who your customers are. As the industry becomes competitive and content-driven, it’s important to remain relevant and engaging at the same time.” – Carl Hartmann, Co-Founder, Lyre’s

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