dotdigital vs. Listrak

Personalized cross-channel ecommerce marketing campaigns at your fingertips. dotdigital Engagement Cloud makes it easy to leverage data and build campaigns that increase ROI.

Expect more, achieve more. Marketing automation with a difference

Feature-packed, growth-orientated, and customer-centric, we work well with brands that demand more from their platforms. Power your online store with dotdigital for engagements that sell.

  • Baked-in features

    A sophisticated cross-channel program builder that’s actually easy to use! Flex with ecommerce integrations. Strengthen with segmentation, automation, and personalization.n

  • Ecommerce experts

    Powerful commerce intelligence tools deliver actionable insight fast for greater ROI. Predictive product recommendations, RFM personas movement reporting, and more.

  • Intuitive platform

    Keep the hair on your head. Frictionless, intuitive usability. Leverage design or automation templates, drag and drop with blocks, insert dynamic content, and optimize sends all with a few clicks.

  • Round-the-clock support

    Award-winning support from our global offices - local to you! Every customer enjoys access to a customer success manager and benefits from first-class professional services and training.

  • Thought leaders

    For over 20 years, we’ve provided thought-leading, insightful content. Plus, our annual Summit and industry award events are calendar staples. Join the leaders in customer engagement.

  • Enabling growth

    Your growth is our business. dotdigital supports brands that scale through innovative and evolutionary tech, premier integrations, and a customer-centric public roadmap.

Differences between Listrak and dotdigital

Acquisition toolsYesNo
Live chatYesNo
Marketing preference centerYesNo
Web behavior & ROI trackingYesROI tracking only
Product data enrichmentYesNo
Predicative product recommendationsYesYes
Campaign reportingYesYes
Retail reportingYesYes
Customer movement reportingYesNo
Global supportYesNo

Users love us

Some of our 4,000+ global clients have great things to say about dotdigital Engagement Cloud. See user reviews on independent software review sites G2 Crowd + Trustpilot.

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Common questions

I like Listrak for their ecommerce tools. How do dotdigital compare?
We like them too! Kept on their toes, the product team here at dotdigital have been working away at delivering some of the most exciting new ecommerce functionality in the market. Be sure to enquire about our new commerce intelligence reporting stack which encompasses persona movement, and both customer and retail reporting.
I have a lot of data. What can you do with it?
The sky’s the limit. We know integrating with CRMs and ecommerce platforms is only half the job. That’s why we arm you with actionable insights and reports that keep you well informed. Start making more profitable decisions: track and tweak campaigns with commerce intelligence, and optimize through dynamic content and personalization.
How do I know my emails will get delivered with you as a provider?
Email was once our bread and butter, and continues to be at the heart of our business, because it’s also at the heart of yours. For over twenty years, we’ve made a name for ourselves as the email experts, and we’ve retained this expertise with our world-class deliverability team. From ramp-up to rogue spam, we’re here to help you connect with customers in the inbox.

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