Time to brush up on your digital marketing

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Being a marketer is hard. Jump off the marketing treadmill and get refreshed.

While we’re sure you can handle spinning all those plates, when do you take some to refresh those key skills you know make you a marketing pro? Often we’re so preoccupied with thankless admin tasks, hundreds of emails and content flying all over the place to find the time and the right resource. 
So we’ve simplified it for you – we’ve identified the 6 must-have skills you need to stay on top of your marketing game and have 6 handy pieces of content to get you back up to speed in the time is takes to drink a cup a coffee. 

Building smarter automations

Designing email campaigns that convert

Defining audience segments

Optimizing campaigns with split tests

Leveraging CRM data

Retargeting customers

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We've made that simple for you. We've outlined 6 must-have skills you need to stay on top of your marketing.