Smart tools and tactics for this peak spending season

dotdigital's wealth of marketing expertise can help you boost ROI over the holiday sales rush.

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and now’s the time to target your shoppers effectively. But, is your marketing up to the task? Don’t lose out on the busiest shopping period in the calendar year.

Let’s take a look at some of the tactics you could be employing, both before and after the cyber-weekend peak, with dotdigital’s smart omnichannel marketing tools.

Pre-Black Friday marketing

Black Friday Marketing

Effective seasonal marketing is about building up the hype, the anticipation of great products at awesome prices. With customers stuck at home, they’re going to be in the market for your product sooner – so hit them with promotions early to avoid losing out.

Running a week-long countdown program will make your customers feel like VIPs, plus is the perfect opportunity to push stock clearance, new ranges, and best-selling products. You could even target shoppers with what they’re most likely to buy using behavioral data and affinity score. With program builder, dotdigital’s automation tool, and order data enabled, building this high-performing campaigns in the run up to Black Friday is easy as pie.

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Post-Black Friday loyalty

Post Black Friday Loyalty

Once you’ve acquired customers over the Black Friday period, it’s important to keep them engaged not just until Christmas but all year long. Use the tools at your disposal: preference centers that give customers control over their communications; product recommendations based on lookalike and best next products; and aftersales content that adds value to the customer experience.

While some shoppers are looking for bargains and you won’t see until next fall, the vast majority will stick – so long as your messaging stays relevant and engaging. And the key, as always, is data-driven tactics.

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