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    Your complimentary marketing audit will help you leverage omnichannel marketing strategies and tools to turn your contacts into loyal members. 

    • We will audit your customer experience and report on how you can drive more traffic to your website.
    • We will analyse your emails and report on how you can increase the ROI of your digital content.
    • We will benchmark your strategies against your competitors to help you stay ahead of the curve.
    • We will analyse your communication channels like Facebook messenger and SMS and report on how you can get more value from your members.
    • Convert more with automation

      Engage fans and supports on their favorite channels, with messages that resonate with their preferences and behaviors.

    • Generate long-term growth

      Scale your omnichannel marketing across the board, driving ROI through email, SMS, live chat and more.

    • Inspire lifetime fandom

      Offer unbeatable value with loyalty marketing programs that keep customers engaged and happy.

    Tottenham Hotspure case study Solution | dotdigital

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    Meet Tottenham Hotspur! The world-famous professional football club saw exceptional growth in customer engagement.

    • 233% increase in retail revenue
    • 36% welcome email open rate
    • +20% retention of previously lost subscribers

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