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Unify your contact records and grow your marketing list

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The Attentive for dotdigital integration allows you to collect data with through Attentive’s interactive data acquisition tools, and sync them to your dotdigital Engagement Cloud account in real-time. Don’t miss a beat to engage your customers and new subscribers.

What’s in it for you?

  • Marketing list growth by acquiring new contacts through multiple channels
  • Centralized contact records within dotdigital
  • More personalized marketing campaigns for optimal results

How the integration works

  1. Leverage Attentive’s patent-pending “two-tap” acquisition functionality on mobile to simultaneously acquire both email addresses and phone numbers from consumers
  2. Sync all email addresses collected through Attentive to your dotdigital address books in real-time
  3. Include your newly acquired contacts in welcome programs, regular newsletters, and other personalized marketing messages along the customer lifecycle

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