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Data Audits

Data audits

To create customer experiences that drive results, you need the right data. Most marketing strategies hinge on the data you have. That’s where our digital marketing consultants come in. We’re here to help you conduct thorough and informative data audits.

Our team will help you identify and resolve critical data quality and permission issues. We’ll also support you in the development of robust data gathering strategies. Whether your refining your email marketing, implementing personalization or automation tactics, or launching SMS, we’ll help you achieve your marketing goals.


Marketing automation workshops

Our consultants will help develop marketing automation plans that’ll save you time and money. Using powerful segmentation methodologies and key customer actions you’ll be able to create triggered marketing communication on various channels. We’ll also help you define your messaging and set specific, measurable objectives.

So, whether your automations need a facelift, or you’re looking to launch new, robust, and data-driven programs, we’ve got you covered.

Messaging scoping workshops

Discover the current state of play with your messaging strategy. Working with you, we’ll identify your future goals and plan a course of action to help you achieve them fast.

We’ll look at the quality of your data, permissioning, segmentation, and performance. dotdigital consultants will also develop a detailed plan including top content writing tactics.

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