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Whether you need temporary cover during a busy period, fully managed coverage, or guidance on creating engaging, automated journeys, our experts are ready to support your project.

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Automation builds

Bringing your marketing programs to life

We’ll help turn your draft program from dream to reality. Our experts will ensure you’ve nailed the logic, while following best practice in terms of send cadence, so that you’re driving optimum engagement as soon as it’s live.

  • Well conceived and executed automations can drive greater results and build a more loyal customer base
  • There’s no better way to maximize your segmentation efforts
  • Hyper-personalization and micro targeting are well within your grasp through developed lifecycle journeys. Let your imagination run riot and we’ll do our best to realize your wish list.

Why use our automation build services?

  • Our specialists know how to apply best practice and market knowledge to make sure your program will work and drive the best results
  • The managed service team fully tests each implementation to ensure your new program is ticking every box
  • We can build on your ideas and help add in real-world usability, cadence, and engagement strategies
  • We’re platform experts, so there’s no better team to bring your marketing automation plans to life

Good to know

  • Not all problems are the same, so we’ll need to quote for this work based on your requirements
  • We may not recommend achieving your goal the way you envisaged – if we can see a better way, we’ll suggest it
  • We’ll either base your program on an enhancement of our standard programs available within the platform or create something custom, depending on your specifications.

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