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Whether you need temporary cover during a busy period, fully managed coverage, or guidance on creating engaging, automated journeys, our experts are ready to support your project.

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Campaign management

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Campaign Management

See the impact of professional campaign orchestration with our range of campaign management services. Whether you need guidance on creating engaging campaigns or assistance working with dynamic content, our experts are ready to support your project.

Campaign management’s a no brainer

  • Our team of experts will apply their years of experience and expertise to help you make the most out of your campaigns.

What we offer

Campaign set-up and send
Using an existing template, a dedicated marketing specialist will take your content, imagery, and subject line and build your campaign according to best practice. They’ll help you achieve great results and plug your resources gap. Setting up any dynamic content or liquid script will incur an extra cost.

Campaign reporting
Our expert digital marketing specialists can help you extract campaign reporting, combine reports to surface trends, or create a custom report to your specification. All from within dotdigital Engagement Cloud and Google.

Campaign dynamic content
Want to include dynamic content in your campaign? No problem. Our digital marketing specialist will help you set up the blocks and create the rules that’ll drive content selection from either new or existing segments.

Our team can help you set up personalization within your campaign, according to your brief and the contact data you have available.

Split testing
We can set up a split test on your campaigns, based on subject line, content, imagery, or any element of the campaign you’d like to test. Comparison or multivariant split tests are also available.

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