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Dotlive: The ultimate marketing benchmark report

In this dotlive session, we explore our brand new Global Benchmarking Report. Watch our industry experts during this recorded broadcast.

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Needless to say the marketing landscape has changed a lot in the last three years. Our audiences have evolved, becoming more digital than ever, in turn changing the way they consume marketing. Meaning businesses have had to follow suit.

With these new challenges come new opportunities, and in a world where consumers have more choice than ever, we see marketers working hard to deliver relevant, personalized and more considered content that honors their audience’s time and privacy.

We’re so excited to introduce Dotdigital’s Global Benchmark Report where we dive deep into how marketing campaigns have evolved and adapted during this period, using data gathered over almost three years to track notable patterns in marketing behavior!

We dive into:

  • Adoption and channels and tools
  • Audience segmentation metrics and techniques
  • Automation that can supercharge a campaign
  • The global impact of SMS + emails

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