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Create lasting ways to engage and convert

Dotdigital | New Release - SSO

Lasting security and compliance with single-sign-on (SSO) and cookie management support

We know that marketers have faced progressive changes in data, privacy, and information management. Let us help with long-term solutions, not stop-gaps. Our latest updates to cookie management ensure businesses keep compliant. We’ve also introduced the option to sign in to Dotdigital with SSO, making internal compliance even easier.

We’re now ISO 14001 certified for a cleaner, brighter future for us all

When customers choose us, they’re also aligning themselves with a commitment to a greener future for everyone. Carbon neutrality and ongoing investment to find new ways to save energy and resource in everyday sending practices are just a few ways we achieved our ISO 14001 certification – an international standard for exceptional environmental management. But we’re not stopping there.

Dotdigital | New Release - Taking care of future you

And sometimes the best way to move forward is to look back.

This can apply to your data too. Whether you’re a new customer and want to bring all (yes all!) of your existing know-how across, or have valuable offline sales data from your EPOS or CDP, you can now quickly and easily import more customer and sales insight than ever, and make it actionable. More data means even more personalization and your campaigns living their best lives.

For brands that sell online, we’ve got even more in-store

Now you can filter your order data for a clearer view of shopper behavior. Filter out refunds and campaigns with a coupon or only view orders from a particular region. Drill down with laser focus to your customer and order data to better inform your future campaigns. But that’s just the beginning. Interested in finding signals that will deliver hard-cold ROI in return for your effort? Watch the video below to find out more about how we’re giving you tools to drive conversions and loyalty.

Text gen technology

Dotdigital | New Release - Text gen technology

Keep up with consumer expectation: SMS for the lifecycle with Adobe Commerce

Shoppers want the option to receive order updates by text, and with customer experience the final battleground in retention, it pays to provide a holistic journey. Adobe Commerce merchants will now be able to live up to expectations and send transactional SMS.

Refine and improve with every send: more SMS reporting and functionality makes it possible

We know that making SMS easier to send is only part of the story. Dotdigital users will get more detail in their SMS reporting than ever. Plus: input an expiry date to your message sending — meaning customers won’t end up late to the party, trying to click through to a sale that has ended. Make sure you deliver messages that keep their relevance.

Dynamics by name…

Dotdigital | New Release - Dynamic by nature

Dynamic by nature. Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration just got better

Robust, but flexible, we continue to invest in our Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration. Besides being able to orchestrate intelligent marketing automation journeys, we’re now introducing an upgrade so you can send all important alerts, reminders, and notifications too.

Unlock value in more touchpoints than ever before with new transactional email capabilities

Communications from businesses and organizations are important to maintain after a sale. Often shoppers, members, students or other end users are looking to brands for reassurance of information, confirmations, updates, and much more. Now you can send these with ease, and personalize them with real-time data, ensuring only relevancy in your communications.