February 2022

Advanced analytics have landed

Customize your revenue attribution window, send smarter push notifications, analyze your contacts at address book level, and more with Dotdigital.

Make data-driven decisions

Deeper customer insights in a snap

Our customers loved segment analytics so we’ve brought you address book analytics. Optimize comms to your customer base with email, web, commerce, and RFM insights for any address book in your account.


Introducing advanced revenue attribution

With Dotdigital, you can now customize the conversion window to suit your customer lifecycle. Regardless of device we’ll link clicks with orders so you can see the full cause and effect of your marketing efforts.

Whether your customers check out in dollars, euros, yen, or any other currency you can think of – we apply ForEx conversion rates under the hood to give you numbers you can rely on. See how much revenue each campaign or product recommendation delivered, directly in your reports.


Push notifications that work harder

Make your customers’ experience seamless with new and improved push notifications capabilities, launching soon in public preview. Insert deep-links to drive customers to the right app screen. Or configure notifications to perform special actions in-app: for instance, apply a coupon code at checkout.


API request size limit now 50mb

Our API request size limit has increased to 50mb. This reduces the number of calls required to import contact data and also enables you to include larger attachments over our transactional email API.

Go beyond with Dotdigital API

The possibilities with our API are endless. Whether you want to want to deliver marketing or transactional messages, you can utilize mobile, push, email, messaging apps, and social media direct messaging. Our newly refreshed guides in the Dotdigital Developer Hub will make getting started even easier.

Put it all into practice

See how you can put Dotdigital’s customer analytics, improved push notification tools, and advanced revenue reporting capabilities into practice.