November 2022

The new rules of recession-ready marketing

Economic downturns are no time to take one’s foot off the gas. This release gives businesses across the globe the tools to get ahead of uncertainty and keep their customers coming back.

Multi-touch revenue attribution

Protect your margins
(and your budgets)

It’s more important than ever to accurately track and report on the impact of your marketing. Last touch revenue attribution is still on hand to pin-point which activity drove the conversion. Multi-touch attribution shows how your other marketing efforts influence the outcome.
Facebook lead ads

Pivot and retain

Use Dotdigital’s Facebook lead ads integration to acquire future customers and bring them into your addressable marketing audience using the instant form within Facebook.
Headless commerce

Shopify Hydrogen-ready

Businesses running Shopify Hydrogen stores can now craft standout customer experiences and focus on the entire path-to-purchase with the Dotdigital toolkit.

Push notifications

Target customers
more effectively

51% of iOS and 81% of Android users are opted-in to receiving Push notifications. Bring the channel into your marketing mix and tap into a highly engaged audience, reaching them when it matters most.
Dotdigital training webinars

Put it all into practice

See how you can put Dotdigital’s multi-touch revenue attribution, improved lead ads integrations, and enhanced push notifications into practice.