Sports marketing
with a difference

Bring the fans closer to the action like never before, with performance-driven omnichannel marketing tools.

Promote your marketing to the next league

Scale your engagement to target audiences

Create seamless fan journeys with dotdigital’s intelligent automation features, reaching high-value sports consumers across every channel. With a suite of powerful ecommerce and CRM integrations, you’ll be able to track and grow your ROI with every interaction.

Within our platform you’ll find in-built AI-driven product recommendations which you can use to take shoppers on a personalized purchase journey across channels. Whether in email, on landing pages or ads, acquire new fans and re-engage dormant ones with relevant messages that span your digital sphere.

Market with confidence in compliance; delivering engaging communications while adhering to GDPR regulations that require you to track users’ consent and marketing preferences. Plus, you can always lean on your dedicated account manager for strategic advice, not to mention our global support team 24/7.

  • Convert more with automation

    Engage fans and supports on their favorite channels, with messages that resonate with their preferences and behaviors.

  • Generate long-term growth

    Scale your omnichannel marketing across the board, driving ROI through email, SMS, live chat and more.

  • Inspire lifetime fandom

    Offer unbeatable value with loyalty marketing programs that keep customers engaged and happy.

Email earns a place in sports marketers’ starting line-up

Set a world-class standard for your tech-savvy sports fans

dotdigital helps you extend your sports presence across multiple channels:

  • Stand out in the inbox with a personalized narrative and on-brand creative; employing marketing preferences and dynamic content to deliver relevant and targeted fan campaigns. You can design emails directly in our tool or brief our creative experts for that professional look and feel. 
  • Achieve near-perfect engagement rates with direct SMS; getting important updates to fans fast. Or, for unbeatable immediacy, reach supporters via push notifications updating them on unmissable game coverage.

What’s more, our native features help you deliver first-class customer service, motivating your audiences with one-to-one conversations on their preferred channels; be it social ads or live chat. Perfect the relevancy of your targeting to engage fans when the time’s just right.

Hit a home run with dotdigital Engagement Cloud

Digital marketing tools that help you strike gold

Never miss a trick with lifecycle marketing. Our powerful automation tools help you transform your daily tasks into effective strategies that drive real returns.

From easy and sophisticated segmentation features to smart personalization options, dotdigital Engagement Cloud helps you target the right fan at the right time – every time.

  • Engage supporters at a personal level, through hyper-relevant messages and CTAs, spurring them towards positive action.
  • Then retain them at scale, over time, through a loyalty-driven marketing approach forged on data and context.

In our platform it’s easy to monitor performance and consistently improve; act on to-the-minute campaign insight to optimize your fan engagement.

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