Artificial intelligence marketing

Uncover your next revenue opportunities with AI

AI is here to make your life easier. Able to process huge amounts of data, Dotdigital's AI is here to find opportunities you'd never have the time to spot yourself.

User interface displaying WinstonAI suggestions for an email campaign
Generative AI

Eliminate guesswork with AI recommendations

Free up your time by tapping into our generative AI tools. You’ll receive subject lines and content recommendations so you can focus on what matters most: creativity. Powered by WinstonAI and seamlessly integrated into our campaign builder, our AI analyzes past content to produce relevant recommendations tailored to you.

Predictive Analytics

Empower data-driven decisions with predictive analytics

Our advanced machine learning algorithms help you be proactive, make data-driven decisions, identify engagement opportunities, and prevent churn. Actionable predictive analytics make it easy for you to reward future high-spenders and nail your campaign timing, every time.

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Product recommendations

AI technology for irresistible content

Drag and drop product recommendations into emails and landing pages for personalized customer experiences at scale. Our AI does the hard work for you, showcasing 'lookalike', 'also bought', and 'trending' products to increase your AOV. The tech will deliver whatever you need with unlimited filtering possibilities, preview options, and multi-catalog selection.

Machine learning

No more manual data crunching

Dotdigital’s in-house team of data scientists work to ensure our machine-learning and predictive data models are always optimized. Our algorithms are built with our customers in mind. All our predictive recommendation outputs can be easily checked against any contact at recommendation level or in Single customer view.

Timing is everything

Always on time with send time optimization

Send time optimization (STO) means your campaigns will land in your customers' inboxes, right when they’re most likely to engage. More than just location data, STO is based on engagement behavior. Remove the guesswork, and relax in the knowledge that your campaigns, including triggered campaigns, will land exactly when they should.

Product data enrichment

AI-powered product analysis

Our powerful AI technology analyzes your product images and URLs to extract product characteristics like type, color, descriptive label, keywords, and more. This information can then be used as tags to create product recommendations. One click will save hours of time while delivering improved product data.

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