Dotdigital SMS marketing

​​Make direct and immediate connections with SMS marketing

SMS engagement is growing with click-through rates increasing by over 300% in recent years. With Dotdigital, you can access the ever-growing benefits of SMS marketing.

Effective SMS marketing

Extend your reach with SMS marketing

With SMS supported in 220+ countries, you can reach your global customer base wherever they are, on their favorite devices. Upgrade your SMS marketing strategy with a platform that helps make SMS an integral part of your cross-channel marketing mix.

SMS personalization

Create 1:1 connections using SMS marketing

With a limited number of characters to play with, every word counts. Use your customer data to personalize your SMS marketing messages, just like you would an email marketing campaign. With built-in link tracking and link shortening, you can see exactly who's engaging and what links are driving conversions.

Watch your results improve using the best SMS marketing tools

Experiential marketing

Design SMS experiences that connect

SMS marketing requires short, sharp messages that connect instantly with the reader. Using Dotdigital's preview capabilities, you can ensure every message lands how you intend. Similarly, setting expiry dates ensures that missed messages won't lead to customer disappointment.

Tools for smarter marketing

Preview, test, and send SMS with confidence

Dotdigital only uses premium sending routes to ensure your messages reach their destination. Our SMS marketing services include access to our Messaging Operations team, who are always on hand to help. Plus, you can stay on top of your SMS spending with Unicode alerts and team notifications when your SMS wallet drops below a certain value.

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