Education marketing

Engage students and learners with inspiring marketing

Unify and enrich student data

Unite data to fuel your education marketing strategies

Connect your vast tech stack to create a single, comprehensive view of your student journey. With enriched and unified data at your fingertips, you can gain deeper insights into student needs, preferences, and behaviors. Drive personalized journeys of discovery with enriching educational content that engages students, alumni, learners, and academics.

Streamline learner experiences

Master the education market with smart segmentation

Gain a competitive advantage using Dotdigital’s intelligent segmentation tools. Intuitive student contact dashboards powered by WinstonAI help you identify quick-wins and see the bigger picture at the same time. Use Single contact view (SCV) and eRFM to target the right student audience, with the right message, every time.

City and Guilds case study

How City & Guilds achieved a 51% open rate using triggered messages

Data-driven campaigns

Make a lasting impression with seamless student journeys

Inspire and engage learners with Dotdigital’s cross-channel automation tools. Craft unforgettable experiences on email, SMS, web, and WhatsApp to reap the rewards of real-time marketing automation. Advanced analytics allow you to track and attribute revenue to campaigns making optimization and improvement a breeze.

AI empowerment

Optimize every journey with WinstonAI™️

Identify opportunities and simplify the learner journey with the help of WinstonAI, Dotdigital’s marketing intelligence tools. Pinpoint key moments and actions to improve engagement with predictive analytics. And, use generative AI features like grammar and spell check and subject line writer to guarantee confidence in every send.

Inspire and engage learners with unforgettable education marketing