Customer data tools

Turn customer data into meaningful experiences that drive loyalty

Customer data is key to marketing success, and Dotdigital makes utilizing it easier than ever. Get to know your customers, discover what makes them tick, and capitalize on every opportunity.

platform dashboard featuring graphs with increased statistics.
Customer data analysis for ecommerce

Turn customer data into guaranteed revenue

Dotdigital provides a suite of ecommerce reports, to arm you with all the insights you need to drive revenue. Go into as much or as little detail as you like with drill-down reports and overview dashboards. Use these insights to power your marketing campaigns, creating personalized, highly-relevant campaigns that convert.

Know your customers

Cut the guesswork with insights you can trust

The Opportunities dashboard tracks customer actions and behavior to identify cohorts that need nurturing or are ready to convert. The Persona movement report gives you a longer term view of whether your customers are becoming more or less loyal, and allows you to create live segments of customers who have moved from one persona group to the next.

collection of data collected from an individual customer, displaying contact score, total revenue and last order information.
Single customer view

Unify data for confident decision-making

Easily access real-time, actionable customer data with Single customer view (SCV). Quickly gather the insights you need to create highly relevant and hyper-personalized campaigns. You can also create lookalike segments based on your ideal customer persona in a single click. Data doesn’t need to be complicated to be powerful.

Remove the guesswork with actionable customer insights

platform dashboard featuring customer email statistics.
Cross-channel reporting

Uncover wins with cross-channel reporting

Whether it's email, SMS, or push, you can use our reporting to learn about your cross-channel campaigns. Program analytics tracks program performance, so you can identify areas to optimize and elevate campaigns. Filter by specific date range and compare all campaigns in a program in seconds, saving you time to create more winning campaigns.

a UI display of a customer's product interests and contact preferences.
Marketing preferences

Collect zero-party data to deliver relevancy

Find out what your customers want to receive by asking them, it’s that simple. Discover the topics, channels, and contact frequency that your customers are most likely to engage with. Serve up campaigns your customers will love, resulting in better engagement, higher conversions, fewer unsubscribes, and increased customer loyalty.

Intuitive data management

Sync customer data into one efficient data hub

Dotdigital’s intuitive data platform lets you take control of your customer data, wherever it is. Whether you want to dig deep or see a top-level view, we ensure your data is always easily accessible with seamless integrations with Adobe Commerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and more.