It's our first green birthday! Celebrating one year of engaging sustainably.

The grass is greener with dotdigital:
the world’s first carbon-neutral marketing automation platform

Doing our part to create a sustainable future

Never content with the status quo, we're committed to protecting the planet too

We recognize that it’s our responsibility to look after the planet. Since 1999, dotdigital has focused on empowering marketers to connect with customers online. As a result, we’ve created a powerful automation platform that unites all digital channels.

As we turn our attention and look at the impact our business has on the planet, we’re proud to be the world’s first carbon-neutral marketing automation platform.

  • Using 'low efficiency’ marketing tech providers, you could be emitting 215kg of CO2 per 1 million emails sent—the weight of a bottlenose dolphin! ¹

  • But with dotdigital, that same 1 million emails = net zero carbon emissions. Helping us make our mark beyond marketing.

  • Because our infrastructure is green, in the last 12 months we have not emitted the equivalent CO2 of 10 million miles driven by cars.¹

We've signed the Terra Carta

dotdigital commits to a roadmap to a sustainable future

The Terra Carta from HRH The Prince of Wales’ Sustainable Markets Initiative, provides a roadmap to 2030 for businesses to move towards an ambitious and sustainable future; one that will harness the power of Nature combined with the transformative power, innovation and resources of the private sector.

The global business proposition outlines ten areas for action and comprises nearly 100 actions for business as the basis of a recovery plan that puts Nature, People and the Planet at the heart of global value creation.

Becoming the change we want to see

At dotdigital we're doing our part to become agents of change

We’ve already started making essential organizational changes. As well as educating ourselves and hosting public events on sustainable living, we’ve also switched suppliers, vendors, and service providers to those powered by renewable energy.

Within a year, we’ve changed our practices to become a sustainable business and there’s still more to come.

Making it easy to choose sustainability

Sustainable business is simple thanks to dotdigital

At dotdigital, we’re always challenging the status quo. We have to be the change we want to see. So, when our staff suggested we do more for the environment, we set ourselves the highest goal we could: to become carbon negative.

It’s our responsibility to look after the planet and help you do the same. That’s why we’ve become the world’s first carbon-neutral marketing automation platform.

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¹ We utilized Microsoft Azure’s sustainability calculator to understand our emissions if we were using a low efficiency data center. We also calculated emissions produced by our key cloud providers & data centers if they were not using renewables.

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