Financial services marketing

Build experiences that inspire trust and deliver results

Compliance and regulation

Invest in safe and secure marketing for financial services

You’re subject to strict rules and regulations but that shouldn’t limit your potential. Dotdigital has an ISO 27001 certified Infomation Security Management System (ISMS) to keep your data safe, secure, and compliant to data security and privacy regulations around the world. Helping you safeguard customer data and collect proper consent, we can help you build long-lasting customer relationships based on trust. 

Communicate with confidence using generative AI assistance

Communicating complicated products and services is a huge challenge for marketers in the financial services sector but Dotdigital’s grammar and tone checker makes creating easy-to-understand messages simple. Our generative AI tools ensure you’re always delivering the best message possible.

Cross-channel marketing

Keep up with the evolving world of financial services marketing

Craft compelling campaigns driven by data insights with Dotdigital’s customer experience and data platform. Tap into customer insights to automate cusotmer journeys across email, SMS, app, and web. Keep an eye on where customers are and what they’re doing to ensure you’re connecting at the right time, on the right channel.

Personalization and segmentation

Create lasting customer relationships with personal and relevant content

Dotdigital’s advanced personalization tools empowers marketers across the financial services sector to build loyalty-inspiring campaigns with ease. Serve up personalized products, services, and content to customers across a range of channels to improve engagement and increase opportunities to upsell and cross-sell your offering.

Create financial campaigns that drive growth and client retention