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Future proof communications and rise to customer expectations by sending alerts, reminders, updates, and transactional messages in real time using the channels that matter

Powerful API Capabilities

Connect with our omnichannel APIs to send, receive, and reply at scale, at speed, and with ease

  • Sending is simple

    Whether you want to send one message or one million, via SMS or WhatsApp, to one country or hundreds, our messaging APIs empowers you to deliver with speed and confidence

  • Control your data

    Use powerful webhooks to receive, store, and manage your customer communications data to better inform your business, increase engagement and drive conversions.

  • A customer is for life

    Engage with customers on their preferred channels anywhere in the world. Our powerful APIs makes omnichannel easy and drives loyalty and engagement with your customers.



  • Transactional SMS

    Trigger real time transactional SMS to alert, remind and notify your customers. With high-speed delivery and a 98% read rate you can be sure your customers are kept up to date at the right time with messages that won’t get lost in their email inboxes.

    • Alerts

      Whether it’s changes to travel plans, parcel updates, a reminder to submit your meter reading or cancellations due to the weather, SMS keeps your customers in the know in real-time. 

    • eCommerce updates

      Provide real-time order status and shipment updates to extend a positive post-purchase customer experience.

    • Reminders

      Minimise missed appointments and reduce calls to your support team by informing and reminding customers at key times.

  • Transactional Email

    Build loyalty and meet customer expectations with real time API powered, one to one email sends. Perfect for updating, informing, and notifying your customers to keep them in the picture.

    • eCommerce emails

      Thank you for your order, payment confirmation and delivery update emails inform your customers on their purchases’ journey. These transactional emails can be a great opportunity to both inform and delight.

    • Reset passwords

      No one wants to wait for a reset password email; so, make this essential email both real time and seamless to ensure the best customer experience possible.

    • Double opt-in emails

      Customers appreciate the opportunity to confirm interest in receiving emails, leading to higher engagement and lower unsubscribes.

  • Mobile Messaging

    Harness the power of our APIs to connect with your customers on their preferred channels in real time. Future proof your engagement and keep in step with your customers.

    • WhatsApp

      Reach a global audience and delight your customers by powering two-way conversations and delivering notifications using WhatsApp for Business. .

    • Push notifications

      Promote app engagement, inform, and retain your customers with timely and relevant push notifications.

    • Social direct messages

      Meet your customers where they are – which is increasingly outside the inbox. Enable direct messaging via your customers’ favorite social platform, like Twitter or Facebook.

  • Webhooks

    Every Dotdigital API customer gets access to our powerful menu of webhooks to feed data into your existing systems for processing and analytics.

    • Real time data

      Configure our webhooks so they’re right for your business. Whether it’s a receiving a delivery status, configuring a retry policy, or processing events, you can choose what’s right for you.

    • Developer friendly

      With comprehensive step-by-step developer guides and documentation, you’ll find sample code, SDKs, tutorials, and an expert team to support you through your integration.

    • Analytics

      It’s crucial to be able to understand that your integrations are performing as expected. You can configure webhooks to feed data to your existing analytics system for greater insight.

  • Optimize

    Never underestimate the power of a single customer view. Leverage custom RFM segmentation and in-depth program analytics to extend your reach and open up new opportunities.

    • Segment analytics

      Get your message out with precision with drag-and-drop segmentation, and analyze the results to refine your audiences.

    • Single customer view

      Banish data silos to create a single customer view, and make decisions based on all the facts.

    • Program analytics

      Report on campaigns, RFM, and ROI to assess your efforts and adapt for the future.

Case Study

British Airways and two-way SMS

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