Marketing attribution tools

Celebrate every win with advanced marketing attribution

Attribute every click, conversion, and checkout to its true source with Dotdigital's advanced marketing attribution.

Track every campaign

Campaign reporting that shows the full picture

Maximize every send with Dotdigital’s reporting suite. Beyond opens and clicks, direct revenue attribution keeps you informed about how much money your campaigns are generating. Drill down to understand how your email marketing and SMS campaigns are performing and how many conversions they're driving.

Cross-account reporting

Everything you need to see, all in one place

Account analytics is your one-stop shop to get a comprehensive overview of your campaign performance in Dotdigital. With cross-account functionality, Global Marketing Managers can see which teams and campaigns are performing best. Use these actionable insights to foster cross-team learning and easily track against business and growth objectives.

Campaign comparison

Easily compare marketing campaign performance

The performance comparison view in Dotdigital allows you to compare multiple email campaigns side-by-side. Reports highlight which campaigns performed best, so you don’t have to trawl through the data. Plus, advanced revenue attribution reports show you the amount of revenue generated per campaign, as well as assisted revenue.

See higher ROI with Dotdigital

Powerful Program analytics

Uncover automation program performance

Dotdigital’s Program analytics gives you an in-situ view of all program performance. This allows you to optimize campaigns and highlights high-performing automation programs. A visual representation of key reporting areas allows you to understand even the most complex program’s performance with ease.

Advanced revenue attribution

Know when to dial up, cut back, and celebrate wins

Dotdigital's advanced revenue attribution for email and SMS recognizes that purchases are often a result of multiple touchpoints. Not just looking at first- and last-touch, our multi-touch attribution model tracks customer activity across a campaign to uncover the total value of your marketing efforts.

Seamless integrations

Track every conversion wherever it happens

Discover which marketing activities are driving higher ROI with integrations that track your customers from acquisition through to post-purchase. Dotdigital integrates with all leading ecommerce software including Shopify, BigCommerce, Adobe Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and Shopware.