Customer Experience and Data Platform

Elevate your marketing with personalized customer experiences

Dotdigital CXDP

Unlock your customer data for unforgettable CX

  • Data enrichment

    Get the clearest picture of your customers

    Get to know your customers’ behaviors, intent, preferences, and more with single customer view (SCV). Say goodbye to data siloes with a centralized data hub that helps you grow.

  • Decision-making

    Customer experience driven by data, not hunches

    Tap into actionable insights and real-time performance metrics. Go beyond simple engagement metrics with behavioral modeling to deliver personalized experiences every time.

  • Customer experience

    Personalize at scale with unparalleled cross-channel reach

    Combine the power of automation with the benefits of a customer data platform (CDP) to create a seamless customer experience. From website to WhatsApp, make sure every moment and message is as unique as your customers.

Forget hunches, deliver customer experiences driven by data

Universal reach

The CX platform that grows with your business

We're ready wherever your business goes and however your team grows. Our CXDP supports messaging to 200+ countries and dozens of currencies. Cross-account analytics, SSO support, and multi-language support are just some of the reasons businesses choose us.

Smarter segmentation

Dynamic segmentation with limitless potential

Our cohort analytics helps you optimize your segmentation strategy before you hit send. Plus, our suite of customer and persona dashboards proactively uncover valuable, intent-driven segments that are ready to convert or need nurturing.

AI marketing

Drive conversion with hyper-personalization

Predictive analytics and AI-powered product recommendations connect customers to the right products and content in real-time. Affinity scoring ensures you only surface the perfect products for your customers, driving conversions and increasing ROI.

Integrated tech

A platform built with your entire tech stack in mind

Dotdigital CXDP integrates with leading ecommerce and CRM platforms to eliminate data siloes and uncover actionable insights. Access hundreds of verified integrations with your favorite marketing tech using our integration hub and an API library that enables thousands more.

Rocket fuel your results with our CXDP