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February 2021

2021 February Release

Check out lasting ways to improve efficiency and create meaningful customer connections with our latest release, plus get a sneak peek of what’s coming up…

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21one FI

SMS for the lifecycle with Magento

Magento merchants can now live up to consumer expectation and send transactional SMS.

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2021 Spring Release

Lasting security and compliance with SSO

Introducing SSO for Engagement Cloud, making internal compliance even easier.

2021 Spring Release

New data insight importer

Quickly and easily import large amounts of actionable data to Engagement Cloud.

Smart order filtering for commerce

Gain a clearer view of shopper behavior by filtering for refunds, coupons, region, and more.

MS Dynamics 365 transactional email

Unlock value in more touchpoints than ever before with new transactional email capabilities.

Even more SMS updates

Refine and improve with every send: more SMS reporting and functionality makes it possible.

Cookie management support

Our latest updates to pages and forms help businesses keep compliant.

Exclude non-human interactions

Now you can filter clicks from bots out from your campaigns for a clearer view of outcomes.

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October 2020

2020 October release

With all of us online more than ever, our winter release brings customers new ways to break through virtual barriers of engagement and stand out from the crowd.

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2020 Winter Release

Interactive email to engage and convert

Powered by AMP for email, dotdigital customers can use carousel displays, in-email form completion, and more.

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2020 Winter Release

Product affinity scoring

Customers can now enjoy a number of new ecommerce tools for every touchpoint, including product affinity scores.

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2020 Winter Release

Keep the conversation going with chat

Our chat tool has evolved for brands to empower agents with customer data, and use chat as a means to double opt-in.

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Transactional email manager

Instantly generate beautifully branded transactional email templates with Shopify or BigCommerce.

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New visual campaign comparison

Compare campaigns side-by-side — contrast and learn what works best for your customers with actionable data.

Recommendations for every goal

We’ve updated our product recommendation library for recommendations for every step in the lifecycle.

July 2020

2020 July release

With brands adapting to ‘new normal’, sales and leads count more than ever. Our release provides tools our customers need to hunt and gather data and opportunities.

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2020 Autumn Release

New abandoned cart dashboard

Target high-intent shoppers for better outcomes. Magento users also enjoy abandon search.

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2020 Autumn Release

Self-serve SMS

dotdigital customers can jump straight into using SMS and purchase one of the most engaging channels in-app.

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2020 Autumn Release

Microsoft Dynamics 365 upgrades

Sync upgrades came to our world-class Dynamics integration to enable enriched messaging with more data.

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Send SMS globally with ease

Rules for sending SMS as a business per country are set up automatically in Engagement Cloud so you can reach further.

Product recommendations doubled

The amount of product recommendations you can display doubles to showcase and convert more than ever.

Transactional email improvements

Engage at every step in the lifecycle with transactional email for BigCommerce and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Pages and forms links for SMS

Leverage unparalleled open and click-through rates of SMS to get more form conversions.

Form functionality for Magento stores

Capture more data: add any dotdigital form, embedded or as a popover, to any page on your Magento store.

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May 2020

2020 Summer release

2020 proved consumer behavior can turn on a knife-edge. Our release provides marketers with tools to both weather storms at present and thrive in the future.

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2020 Summer Release

B2B commerce support for Magento

Use your B2B commerce data for smarter and more effective engagements with prospects and customers.

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2020 Summer Release

Multi-decision node in automations

Create branching, personalized marketing to send to to different time zones, persona groups or more

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2020 Summer Release

View individual customer orders

A new report screen provides greater customer order insight allowing you to truly measure marketing success.

Create dynamic RFM segments

Create segments that change as your customer behavior does to adapt and personalize like never before.

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Power Automate for Dynamics 365

Our Engagement Cloud connector joins an ecosystem of apps to enable customers to build out workflows with ease.

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Automation reporting

View which campaigns are triggered, and examine stats on programs such as enrolment and graduation.

Live chat improvements

Customer browse insight for agents, personalized avatars, and more.

Ecommerce sync improvements

Sync custom attributes in Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce and Shopify to personalize and succeed.

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