2022 November Release

Economic downturns are no time to take one’s foot off the gas. This release gives businesses across the globe the tools to get ahead of uncertainty and keep their customers coming back.


Single Customer View

See your customer’s story at a glance, break down data siloes, and focus on the voice of the customer.

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More updates that will help you wow your customers

  • 2022 September Release

    In our September release, we’re giving you the tools to uncover the high-impact opportunities held within the data your customers share with you every time they interact with your brand.
  • 2022 May Release

    The best customer experiences are delivered by brands who see their customers clearly. Our May product release delivers insights you can rely on.
  • 2022 February Release

    Customize your revenue attribution window, send smarter push notifications, analyze your contacts at address book level, and more with Dotdigital.
  • 2021 October Release

    Customer-centric businesses are 60% more profitable than businesses that don’t put their customer first. Convert data into revenue with our latest product release.
  • 2021 September Release

    Our September platform release lets you turn next time into now time, and gives you insights to make better marketing decisions today.
  • 2021 April Release

    Don’t let engaged customers pass you by, our April release makes it easier to identify engaged customers and strike while the iron’s hot.