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Boost sales with automation programs

Email and SMS are a match made in heaven. Understanding when and where to talk to customers is vital for driving conversions. Luckily, Dotdigital has the tools you need to craft personalized customer journeys across both channels, so you can ensure you're always using the right channel to drive customers towards a purchase. Our simple to use Program Builder ensures your cross-channel messages are timely and effective to deliver the perfect customer experience.

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Drag and drop your way to stunning emails

Our intuitive email builder makes designing beautiful email marketing templates easy. Personalize every shopper experience with dynamic content blocks featuring your latest collections, promotions, and styling inspiration. Simply drag, drop, and customize to build visually compelling emails that drive sales and brand loyalty.

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Discover how Converse accelerated its international marketing strategy


Runway-worthy campaigns that capture attention, and stylish experiences that keep it

Build complex shopper journeys in a snap and deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time--every time. Use zero-party and first-party data to perfectly personalize your messaging and drive orders from new and repeat shoppers. Dotdigital's cross-channel reach helps you connect on every channel for a completely seamless shopper experience.

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Drive revenue with intelligent automation

Deliver 1:1 marketing on channels proven to deliver ROI. Never miss another opportunity to convert customers with email and SMS retargeting. Use intelligent automation to trigger messages throughout the customer journey. Whether they need a cart recovery nudge via email or an SMS discount code to stop them from lapsing, you can do it all in our program builder.

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