Ecommerce marketing

Fewer headaches, more conversions

Looking to give your ecommerce the edge? With cross-channel support, AI-driven product recommendations, and endless integrations, we have everything you need to provide a best-in-class digital store experience — and send your products flying off the shelves.

How it works

A powerful ecommerce marketing tool that pairs customer-first thinking with measurable ROI

  • Engage

    Meet your customers with your best foot forward. With personalized email campaigns and dynamic content, you can start every relationship off right.

  • Convert

    Elevate your abandoned cart messaging with product recommendations that hit the mark. Create custom experiences, and follow up with messaging that shows you’re listening.

  • Communicate

    Don’t just sell, make meaningful conversations with customer insights and live chat tools that resolve problems and build opportunities.



  • Grow

    Build your customer base and fill your sales funnel with custom emails sent via targeted RFM segmentation. Engage customers with Header Retargeting with Facebook and Google Ads.

    • Segmentation

      Get your message out to exactly the right audience with drag-and-drop segmentation that keeps comms relevant.

    • Retargeting/Facebook and Google Ads

      Looking for a second chance? Try hyper-relevant ads that bring customers back.

    • Personalization

      Use data to craft tailored content that resonates. From landing pages to email campaigns, show your audience you’re listening.

  • Convert

    Send product recommendations that earn purchases, and close the loop on abandoned carts. Follow up with mobile push and SMS messages that turn deliberators into devotees.

    • Abandoned cart, abandoned browse

      Leave no cart behind. Run targeted abandoned cart and browse campaigns to remind customers where they were.

    • Product recommendations

      Turn wants into needs thanks to smart product recommendations that boost email revenue.

    • Mobile push and SMS

      Make every phone a friend. Use push notifications to send timely updates that get read.

  • Retain

    Customers stay when you put them first. Win loyalty with customer insights that unlock bespoke messaging, and implement live chats that make a difference to purchaser satisfaction.

    • Customer insights

      Whether you’re interested in email activity or average order value, find and leverage the customer insights that result in sales.

    • Live chat

      Answer questions faster, with a personal touch and bring an end to customer frustration in the process.

    • Preferences and consent

      Green lights all the way. Store consent at contact level; segment customers by channel, product interests, and more.

  • Integrate

    Dotdigital integrates quickly and easily with leading solutions like Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce. Still planning your platforms? Our integrations are scalable and future-proof.

    • Adobe Commerce

      Make the most of your ecommerce platform. Send personalized cross-channel campaigns that convert customers at scale.

      Learn about Magento
    • Shopify

      Surprise and delight your customers with slick automation and set up your sales to skyrocket.

      Learn about Shopify
    • BigCommerce

      Support your store and drive customer conversions with our powerful BigCommerce integration.

      Learn about Bigcommerce
  • Optimize

    Assess the success of your campaigns with program analytics that drive decision making. Unify data across platforms to better understand your audiences and establish a single customer view.

    • Segment analytics

      Communicate with finesse. Get your message out to set audiences with drag-and-drop segmentation and analyze performance over time.

    • Program analytics

      Check what’s working and adjust what isn’t with program analytics that report on campaigns, RFM, ROI, and more.

    • Single customer view

      Banish data silos to create a single customer view, and make decisions based on all the facts.

Our services

Electrify your ecommerce


Get underway fast with our expert orientation team.


Skill up with comprehensive coaching from platform experts.

Account management

Strategic guidance that takes your project to the next level.


Crack the code on reaching your targeted inboxes.

Always-on support

Dedicated specialists available to you 24/7.

Creative services

Let our design team bring renewed energy to your campaigns.

Managed services

Outsource to us to increase your team’s capacity.

Custom tech solutions

Order bespoke solutions from the team that built the API.


Advice to spice up your cross-channel marketing strategy.

What’s next?

Let’s transform your data and insights into exceptional customer experiences

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    Reach out

    Dotdigital sets you up to succeed today and scale tomorrow. Talk to our team for demos and details, and start envisioning where you’ll go — and how you’ll grow.

  • 2

    Get started

    Our cross-channel marketing platform is easy to implement — a modern solution that centralizes data in one place simplifies everything. We’re here to help every step of the way.

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    Think big

    You’re focused on the future, and so are we. That’s why we continue to develop new features to evolve and scale your customer experiences and help you stay ahead of the competition.