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What can you expect from Dotdigital?

  • Engagement at scale

    A customer engagement platform and APIs built for scale

    Dotdigital is built for global businesses focused on growth. We support messaging to 185+ countries across dozens of currencies. Cross-account analytics, SSO support, and multi-language support are just some of the reasons businesses choose us.

  • Availability when you need it most

    APIs you can rely on to be ready whenever you are

    Dotdigital’s 99.99% API uptime gives your business the confidence it needs when sending business critical SMS to alert, update, and notify customers. With our commitment to performance and efficiency, you can trust us with every vital message your organization sends while enhancing the overall customer experience.

  • Flexible campaign creation

    Deliver unparalleled marketing across all channels

    Dotdigital's marketing automation software allows you to build 1:1 interactions at scale. Trigger personalized email, SMS, and social messages to be delivered on the right channels across the customer journey using our insights, analytics, and opportunities dashboards.