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Dotdigital and Provenance partner for sustainable marketing solutions

Dotdigital and Provenance partner for a greener future in marketing.
Dotdigital and Provenance partner for a greener future in marketing.

At Dotdigital, we’re committed to providing solutions that not only empower your marketing efforts but also align with your sustainability values. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Provenance, a global leader in sustainability marketing technology. Through this collaboration, we aim to support retailers in their sustainability efforts and help shoppers make informed, environmentally friendly choices.

Partnering for sustainable marketing

Provenance is on a mission to give consumers the info they need to make buying decisions that benefit both people and the planet. Their innovative platform helps retailers share credible, trustworthy social and environmental impact details where it matters most – at the point of sale.

As the first (and only) carbon-neutral cross-channel marketing automation platform out there, we’re a perfect fit for Provenance’s values. We’re also ISO-14001 accredited – which means we meet the International Standard Organisation’s requirements for environmental management systems. This makes Dotdigital the go-to choice for sustainability-minded brands looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Tink Taylor, Founder & of Dotdigital, said it best, “I’m always supremely impressed by the Dotdigital committees such as DotGreen, DotDEI and DotWellbeing. It’s our employees’ voices who push initiatives like becoming carbon-neutral and ISO-14001 certified forward. And it keeps Dotdigital striving for a more positive impact socially and environmentally. We’re very proud to be the first and only carbon-neutral marketing automation platform.”

Jessi Baker, Founder & CEO of Provenance, added: “Together, we’ll help companies on their path to sustainability, aiming for a future where every purchase helps people and our planet.”

Working together for a greener future

Our partnership with Provenance is all about helping consumers make greener, more sustainable choices. We’re joining forces to support retailers that are serious about their sustainability claims and environmental responsibilities. This means helping companies use marketing technology that matches their mission and nudges customers toward more ethical purchasing decisions. Together, we’re paving the way for informed, earth-friendly shopping choices. Keep your eyes peeled for more news, tips, and insights about this exciting partnership. As a team, we’ll make a real difference for people, the planet, and the world of digital marketing.

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