Gifting a DotForest

Trees in a forest

Holiday gifting

This year our EMEA team did something a little different when it came to holiday gifting. We wanted to say thank you to all of our wonderful clients, partners, and prospects for being a part of our community this past year, but we also wanted our gifting to make a positive impact and reflect our company’s sustainability values, so we had to think outside the box.

Enter Ecologi. A fantastic charity that supports global tree planting projects. Research shows that tree planting – when done right – is one of the most effective climate crisis solutions available right now, so it was a no-brainer. We donated the money we’d have spent on gifts to Ecologi, who then planted trees on our behalf. This year’s holiday gifting campaign sowed the seeds of our Dotforest, planting enough seeds for a whopping 12,500 trees to grow! The trees have been planted in the most climate-effective places around the world. These include mangrove planting in Madagascar, Afromontane tree planting in Kenya, and forest restoration in Nicaragua and Uganda.

Our Dotforest is only at the beginning of its journey, and we plan to expand the forest by planting more and more trees over the coming months and years. If you want to show your support and get involved you can add to our forest, or start your own here.

Our pledge on climate change

At Dotdigital, we are constantly working to minimize our negative environmental impact and do our part in addressing the climate crisis and ecological emergency.

Ash George, Sustainability Lead at Dotdigital “Our green ambitions at Dotdigital reflect a simple truth: we must collectively learn a profound respect for nature if we wish for a prosperous future. We are making changes to our own business to this effect, but think also of the necessary systemic changes that we can influence.”

We are the world’s first, and the only carbon-neutral, ISO 14001 certified marketing automation platform. If you’re a Dotdigital customer and would like to shout about how your emails are carbon-neutral, we’ve already done the work, so you can celebrate and tell everyone about it – learn more here.

As well as being carbon neutral, we are committed to being net-zero by the end of our financial year in 2030 – a full 20 years ahead of the timeline set out in the Paris Agreement. So, it makes sense then, that our gifting reflects our beliefs, and supports the planet.

To a greener future

Choosing gifts everyone will enjoy is tricky, but if there’s one thing we are all invested in, it’s the future of our planet. Combating the climate crisis is an important issue for our staff and our customers alike. As climate change finds its way onto agendas around the world, we want to lead the way and help our customers and partners on their own journeys. We hope that you enjoy our new take on holiday gifting and that it may even inspire you in your own gifting in the future.

Here’s to a greener future.



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