Earth Day at Dotdigital

Illustration of sunflowerrs with text 'happy earth day, dotsunflower'
At Dotdigital we are passionate about fighting the climate crisis. We’ve been working hard these past few years to reduce our own carbon footprint, as although it’s everyone’s responsibility to make changes, businesses especially have a big responsibility.

What we're already doing

We’re proud to be the first and only marketing automation platform that is carbon neutral, but we aren’t leaving it there. We have also pledged to be net zero by the end of our financial year in 2030, twenty years ahead of the timeline set out by the Paris agreement.

We’ve also made changes in other areas, instead of corporate gifting last year we planted 12,500 seeds to grow into trees, and we continue to add to our Dotforest when we can, which now has over 22,000 trees planted.

Dotsunflower initiative

This Earth Day we asked some of our customers and partners if they’d like to join us in planting sunflowers this Earth Day, to all those that said yes we’ve sent out some seeds for planting. To do this we used Reachdesk, who are a carbon neutral company themselves.

A small gesture, but one we hope encourages us all to get outside more and enjoy the natural beauty of our planet. If you didn’t spot our email but would like to get some seeds, you can fill in our form here and we’ll get some seeds sent out to you too.

Why sunflowers?

A sunflower at sunset

Sunflowers, as well as looking pretty, also provide food for wild birds and are a firm favorite for under-threat British bees to get their pollen. They’re a great choice if you’re looking to plant something hardy.

The sunflower is one of the most resilient flowers there is. Did you know sunflowers can absorb toxic heavy metal contaminants and poisonous chemicals in the soil? Making them an excellent choice to grow anywhere with less than ideal soil. Sunflowers can grow in the desert, salt marshes, and of course, your back garden.

Sunflowers have shown interesting developments in recent years, with scientists exploring their adaptation to changing weather patterns. The sunflower has shows signs of adapting to the change in climate, and may well be the flower that outlasts us all if climate change continues. Let’s hope we don’t find out.

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